Kickboxing Your Winter Weight Away

What are you doing to stay warm this winter? Why not stay warm and get fit with a high intensity, calorie-blasting workout like kickboxing? This intense workout offers the moves and mentality to get you into shape and make you aware of your strength. More aggressive than yoga, this just may be the key to transform your health for the better.

Kickboxing has been sweeping the nation lately after millions of Americans have caught on to the fun ways they can workout and lose weight. Nowadays, gyms all over the country are offering kickboxing programs guaranteed to get you feeling and looking great. Before you head back to those crunches and lunges, check out what you can get from kickboxing and nowhere else.

1. The mindset.
Kickboxing requires you to focus on what you’re doing now and on what you’ll be doing in five seconds when your pseudo attacker goes in for a punch. You can learn great self-defense moves and de-stress in intervals as short as thirty minutes and as long as your newfound endurance allows. Not only will you feel the burn in your arms and legs, but you’ll feel relaxed as your brain releases dopamine and serotonin, two chemicals that leave you stress free.

2. The moves.
Studies show there is no “perfect way to run” a mile; our bodies naturally adapt to running as best as we can depending on the way our bodies are. You can learn and perfect kickboxing, working your abs, lower and upper back and calves at full force. Moves like the forward jab, cross jab, knee strike and even elbow strike each require a certain technique that you’ll find yourself climbing the ladder of sweat and drive in no time.

3. The body.
With the right training, you can burn hundreds of calories without counting the clock. A woman weighing 145 pounds could burn almost 691 calories in an hour-long session of kickboxing, according to a calculation system in David Nieman’s “Exercise Testing and Prescription.” You can use SELF Magazine’s health calculator to measure how many calories you burn in a particular activity. It also uses information from Nieman’s book. All in all, you can sculpt your body and shed pounds in no time. So where do you sign up?

Since we at Eco News Network are fellow Bostonians, and if you just happen to be in the Boston area, here is a list of gyms and martial art studios in Massachusetts that offer the kickboxing classes you’re looking for. Those with an asterisk were featured on’s 2011 A-list of kickboxing classes:

Even if you’re not in the Boston area, be sure to check your local gyms to see if they offer kickboxing. Hopefully, this will be a new way to better your health and workout routine!

-Alivia Ashenfarb

Photo Credit: Flickr/demandaj, Flickr/MemoriePhotography
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