Smart Products for the Eco-Kitchen and Home

InkSinkErator present an eco-friendly food disposerLooking toward 2012, we want to give our readers a preview of what’s new on the eco-friendly kitchen and home products scene. We’ll be presenting some of the innovation highlights we see on the market from now up until the 2012 International Builders Show in early February so stay tuned. We will be presenting several examples of sustainable and stylish eco-products each week, so please check back to view these that will transform your kitchen and home into a greener environment!

InkSinkErator Kitchen Food Disposer
Did you know that almost 19 million tons of food waste is deposited in landfills every year in the U.S.? Well, waste not, want not. That’s the motto when it comes to making our planet greener, especially for managing food waste.

If you don’t like throwing out food, one choice is to compost, but sometimes that’s not practical for a busy lifestyle or if you’re just overall lazy. Well, thanks to InkSinkErator, there is now an easy way to dispose of your food, all in an eco-friendly way.

Since food waste is already composed of 70 percent water, grinding it up and sending it down your sink drain doesn’t sound horrible, right? Then, you should try InkSinkErator’s food disposers. Here are its eco-benefits:

• Contributes to holistic waste management strategies
• Keeps food scraps out of landfills
• Averages less than 50 cents a year in electricity
• Accounts for 1 percent or less of a household’s total water consumption
• Helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Capable wastewater treatment plants can turn food waste into biosolids and fertilizers

InkSinkErator offers a variety of disposers to help transform your household into an eco-one and help you from sending food to landfills! Be sure to visit InkSinkErator in person at IBS in Booth W4543.

Photo Credit: InkSinkErator