Zumba, Dance Your Stress Away

Zumba Fitness provides fun, dance workout to help stay fitWaiting for the triumphant return of the summer months? You just need to dance! There is a new way to bring the heat back to your daily routine, despite the freezing weather conditions. Combining the wellness benefits of exercise with tunes worthy of a Caribbean dance party, Zumba has made its way to the U.S., melting winter madness and the stresses of every day away with hot rhythms and a lot of energy.

An aerobics instructor in Cali, Colombia, arrives to his class only to find out he does not have his music with him. With a room full of people waiting to work out, he pulls out Latin tracks he casually carried on his backpack and improvises a new class.

The exciting sounds of salsa and merengue moved everyone present, literally. And so, a new dance-fitness movement was accidentally created. Alberto “Beto” Perez proceeded to trademark Zumba, and began the global expansion of his new project.

According to WebMD, Zumba workouts are charged with health and wellness benefits. As a cardiovascular workout, it served as calorie burner and increases aerobic threshold, endurance and bone density. Additionally, Zumba improves balance and muscle tone, reduced body fat, and lowers blood pressure.
Zumba Fitness offers fun, dance routine workout to stay fitAn incredibly efficient stress reliever that gets you in shape while you simple dance like no one’s watching, Zumba has expanded significantly since 2001. With a global following in more than 125 countries, according to the program’s official website Zumba.com, Zumba’s globalization has led to the addition of new rhythms to the repertoire, including reggaeton and hip-hop.

The high-energy workout routine causes everyone who participates – over 12 million people – to let loose and shake their tail feathers to catchy tunes that are impossible to listen to and stand still. Classes typically last 45 minutes to an hour, and they are now available in over 11,000 locations around the globe. Participants can burn up to 1,000 calories in one session.

With the objective to let the music do the work while you just have fun, Zumba classes seem more like a dance party than an exercise session. Anyone who’s tried it however will admit that these thumping sessions provide a full cardiovascular and aerobic workout.

You don’t have to have dance moves to enjoy and benefit from this exercise. The movements may seem complicated, but they are actually very simple, repetitive and comprehensible once the music takes control. They are designed to guarantee fun and freedom in movement, rather than demanding close attention to complicated dance routines.

Zumba provides a much needed excuse to dance. It melts daily stresses away, provides a fun and effective way to get your daily dose of exercise, enables you to forget that it’s cold outside, and makes it nearly impossible to listen to the music without shaking your hips.

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-Alexandra Gyarfas

Photo Credit: Zumba Fitness, Flickr/Cimm
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