Four Eco-Friendly Television Shows

May 17, 2012

Survivor incorporates eco-friendly elements into productionThe entertainment world is not only known for being entertaining, but also for its work in improving the environment. Actors, actresses and other celebrities are huge contributors in protecting the planet, but what about when they’re filming a television show? Well, to answer that question here are four TV shows that work towards a better environment.





Kiefer Sutherland and 24 use carbon offsets to eliminate carbon dioxide output“24” might not be on the air anymore, but it will always be a memorable show on the FOX network. Did you know it’s not just known for Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, and his, for lack of a better word, badassness? It’s also recognized for its environmental goodness. In 2009, the New York Times reported that “24” was going green and becoming the first carbon neutral series, which was probably necessary with Kiefer doing those car chase scenes. Consultants were even hired to measure carbon-dioxide output, because car crashes and the explosions were emitting carbon dioxide. To achieve true carbon neutrality they started staging such scenes and no longer shot on location. They managed to buy carbon offsets resulting in offsetting 1,291 tons of carbon dioxide. In addition, 20 percent biodiesel fuel was used for fueling, bathrooms and kitchens had motion monitors and even paid higher fees to help California buy wind and solar power. I guess what they say is true, Jack Bauer does kick ass.

“The Killing”

The Killing's production, cast and crew create an eco-friendly television showAMC’s hit show “The Killing” is a great murder, mystery TV series and is another show that has gone green. According to Mother Nature Network, the series shoots in Vancouver, making it a lot easier to remain eco-friendly. “The studio is very committed and very eco-friendly so there’s no use of plastic bottles. We have coolers that get schlepped all over the place,” Veena Sud, producer and writer of the show, said. Star of the show, Mireille Enos also incorporates green elements when she isn’t filming. When it comes to her 18-month-old daughter Enos says, “My baby sleeps on an organic mattress, wears organic cotton, we feed her organic food.” Jamie Anne Allman, another star of the show, recycles, uses natural skin care products and is even a vegetarian. Many of the other actors and actresses of the show also give back to the planet, so be sure to read MNN’s full article.


CBS' reality show Survivor incorporates eco-friendly elements into productionIt might be hard to believe, but CBS’ popular reality show “Survivor” is very eco-friendly, but it’s true. Producer Mark Burnett revealed to Mother Nature Network, “What we’ve done in every location is cleared as much as 70 or 80 metric tons of trash from every beach. Our policy is very pro-environmental. We photograph when we begin and photograph when we finish and we leave every place better than when we arrived. Tourism is a sustainable and renewable industry, and we’ve had a huge impact on these places.” It’s great to see a show that does a lot of traveling keep it environmentally friendly. Maybe, one day, Burnett will produce a season with an entire cast of vegetarians or vegans or a season where contestants have to complete challenges that give back to the planet.

“The Finder”

Michael Clarke Duncan is a vegetarian, loves animals and shows eco-love on The FinderFOX’s spinoff of its hit series “Bones, “The Finder,” may have gotten canceled, but that doesn’t matter. While filming, the show truly held its own by incorporating green elements into its set. Even some of the actors were and still are living an eco-friendly lifestyle. To begin, no plastic water bottles were allowed on set, Mother Nature Network reports. One of the stars, Michael Clarke Duncan, is an avid vegetarian and animal lover. Yes, that muscular man eats veggies and loves it. He recently shot a new ad for PETA in support of vegetarianism. “The best thing about being a vegetarian for me, number one is I know I’m not harming any animals,” he says in the video campaign. “The number two thing is increased strength. I’m a lot stronger than I was when I was eating meat.” It sounds like “The Finder” had a good, green thing going on, but too bad it got axed.

It’s always great to see celebrities encouraging others to protect the planet, and it’s also nice to see television, which is such a big part of our everyday lives, influence others in eco-friendly ways.

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: Flickr/Kristin Dos Santos, AMC, Jeff Probst Twitter, Wikimedia Commons/blackurbanite
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