Skin Authority’s Sunscreen a Summer Must Have

May 4, 2012

Skin Authority's Age Defying Hydrating Sunscreen named must have by Discovery ChannelWhen spring and summer roll around we get ancy to get outside and sunbathe, do yard work, play with the kids, go swimming or go hiking. One important factor you can’t forget about is applying sunscreen. It’s a must have product for warm weather, even if the sun isn’t shining. We need to protect our skin the best we can.

If you’re not sure what products are the best, definitely check out Skin Authority’s Age Defying Hydrating Sunscreen. Not only is it a SPF 30 water resistant, weightless moisturizer and a full-spectrum UV protector, this sunscreen contains no parabens, formaldehydes, dyes or added fragrances.

In addition to protecting your skin without all those unneeded ingredients, Skin Authority’s sunscreen was named a must have hiking product by the Discovery Channel, so you know it’s not misleading.

Another great quality is it contains a Dry Finish Technology that leaves the skin dry and not greasy. It’s also ideal under make-up, helps slows down aging, controls dark spots, hydrates flaky skin and most importantly protects against skin cancer development.

Skin Authority is one of the fastest growing skincare brands that develops its products with naturally effective ingredients and can be considered an organic, natural company. If you’re looking for other skincare products for body care, eye care, legs, lips and many others be sure to visit their website.

If you should remember anything when going outside this summer, it’s to apply sunscreen as needed!

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: Skin Authority