Ecoenstyle Offers Environmentally Conscious Fashion Merchandise

July 30, 2012

Ecoenstyle presents eco-friendly and fashionable clothing, shoes and accessoriesEcoenstyle provides a wide range of stylish clothing, shoes and accessories that are not only affordable, but also eco-friendly.

Conceived and developed by a group of eco-conscious individuals who believe fashionable products can and should be made from recycled and sustainably produced materials, Ecoenstyle, an online eco-boutique, launched this month.

With the focus of the products selected on far more than just sustainability, Ecoenstyle’s site boasts merchandise that is affordable and purchased from manufacturers who pay a fair wage to the workers who produce them. Keenly aware more resources will need to be re-used rather than thrown away; more jobs will need to be created through small fair trade manufacturing and the growing demand to financially support more sustainable crops.

Ecoenstyle tackles the challenge to uncover stylish products designed and manufactured by talented new artisans who put their hearts, souls and creative spirits to work in a socially responsible manner.

An earmark of Ecoenstyle is that traditional, conventional textiles are replaced by sustainable materials like organically grown cotton, sustainably harvested cork, naturally anti-bacterial bamboo and versatile hemp, which grows without need of pesticides.

Nearly every product Ecoenstyle carries has its own story; many of the materials have lived completely different lives before being transformed into new fabulously original products.

Truck tarps that have traveled the highways and bi-ways of Great Britain, surplus candy wrappers left over from the candy packaging process and bike inner tubes saved from the dumpster then cleaned and re-purposed have been turned into shoes, bags, accessories and Ecowear.

“When we searched for sustainably made products, we often encountered the word ‘luxury,’ and in most cases, luxury equates to higher prices. As the earth’s resources become scarce and precious, we think it is important to expand the sustainable product market by making the products available and affordable to the general consumer,” said Founder Junko Imai. “The more people buy or use recycled or sustainable materials, the more inexpensive and available new products become. Ecoenstyle’s purpose is to lead the movement towards sustainable, eco-conscious products made available to the masses!”

Unlike the more “disposable” products offered in many retail outlets as well as online sites, the products carried by Ecoenstyle are well made of durable materials that provide tactile fulfillment in addition a sense of personal, natural style.

The Ecoenstyle team’s exploration for new products spans from international manufacturers, to lively street fairs, to the workshops of local designers and beyond.

Photo Credit: Ecoenstyle