Eco-Celebrity Tweets of the Week

August 24, 2012

Celebrities tweet in support of the environmentSometimes celebrities get a bad rap for speaking their minds, and even for just being who they are, instead of what everyone else wants them to be. However, more often than not, celebrities are committed to helping the environment and the people around them. With that in mind we are taking a look at what they are tweeting in relation to their fellow man and the planet. Below, are some select tweets by celebrities who are reaching out to their fans, followers and Mother Earth!



1. Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest tweets in support of the environmentTV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest is quite popular all over the world, especially as the host of “American Idol.” Well, this week he reached out to his 7 million followers (and over) asking for gardening advice.

“I planted corn in my garden over the weekend, but no idea what I need to do next. anyone done this b4?”

2. Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs tweet in support of the environmentHolly Marie Combs is known for playing Piper Halliwell on “Charmed” and now currently loved as Aria’s mom, Ella, on “Pretty Little Liars.” Not only is she a talented actress, but also an animal advocate. Check it out.

“The world looks a little different from up here.

3. Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray tweets in support of the environmentAuthor, TV show host and of course chef, Rachael Ray, showed her love for the environment and animals this week on her Twitter page. It’s no secret she loves animals, and this tweet just proves it even more.

“Feel so lucky to be fm Adirondacks: the lakes, mountains, animals, even the crickets all invite you to stay outside all day all night.”

4. Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier tweets in support of the environment“Entourage” star Adrian Grenier is an avid environmentalist. This week, he participated in an interview with the Huffington Post focusing on the environment, green consumerism and how to get others concerned about eco-issues.

“Doing a live interview on @huffpostlive in about 1 minute! Tune in! w/@SHFT and @peterglatzer”

Be sure to check back weekly for these feel good celebrity tweets and what they have to offer in only 140 characters!

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: Twitter, Wikimedia Commons/Jyle Dupuis, Wikimedia Commons/The Heart Truth, Wikimedia Commons/BDCLondon Photography, Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi