Eco-Celeb of the Week: Emily Deschanel

March 7, 2013

Emily Deschanel showcases planet-friendly lifestyle through personal and professional lifeEco News Network presents our favorite eco-celeb of the week. We love seeing what celebrities are up to, and that doesn’t mean when it comes to movies, television or music albums, but with how they’re giving back to the planet. This week, leading lady Emily Deschanel caught our eye. In addition to her fabulous TV work, Deschanel also is an avid supporter of the planet, especially as a new mom. Check out how she protects Mother Earth.

“Bones” fans know and love Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance Brennan aka Bones on FOX’s hit drama series. Did you also know that Emily is loved for her planet-friendly lifestyle? As an actress, wife and mother, she makes sure to benefit the environment in every way possible.

Let’s start with motherhood. Before she gave birth to her son, Henry, Emily was highly criticized for her veganism, but that never made her stray from her cruelty-free beliefs.

“Saying no to meat makes me feel stronger inside; I feel aligned with my morals and ethics. I still have to defend myself because people don’t understand it. As a pregnant woman especially, people will say to me, ‘You must eat meat and dairy.’ You really have to tap into your self-esteem whenever people try to convince you you’re making the wrong choice,” she said.

She’s kept with that attitude, as she has made a meat-free environment at home for her son.

Henry is currently living off a vegetarian diet, and following in his mother’s footsteps, “We are raising Henry vegetarian; he will be mostly vegan and always have a choice in the matter, but we will educate him about why we make the choices we do with our food. My husband isn’t one hundred percent vegan. I read ‘Disease-Proof Your Child’ by Dr. Fuhrman, and think it is a must-read for parents trying to raise a healthy child.”

In addition to Henry’s diet, Emily also ensures their home is safe and non-toxic. She uses the utmost of safest products, “I am always on EWG’s [Environmental Working Group] Skin Deep website looking up products to use on Henry. It rates them so you know how toxic something is. I love Earth Mama Angel Baby. Their products are safe, smell amazing and actually work! I was already using natural products in my home and on my body, but having a child made me even more concerned about everything.”

For years, Emily has shown her planet-friendly colors, and its great to see as a new mom she’s staying true to who she is.

In addition to motherhood, Emily also brings her environmentalism to work., “I always push for the animal and environmental issues being highlighted and when it is appropriate it finds its way into the show.”

For example, in July 2012, “Bones” featured an episode about the harsh realities of keeping exotic animals as pets. Furthermore, the show even filmed an episode about chicken farming, which hit close to home for fans.

“When someone tells me they stopped eating chicken because of the ‘Bones’ factory farming episode we did last year, I consider that a small victory,” Emily said.

Her animal activism never goes unnoticed either. In August 2012, Emily was honored by Mercy for Animals for her farm advocacy work.

Emily is one of many actresses making a difference in the green world, and it’s exciting to wait and see what she’ll do in the future.

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons