Eco-Celeb of the Week: Will Ferrell

March 14, 2013

Will Ferrell gives back to the planet through eco-comedy, his eco-friendly home and driving an electric carEco News Network presents our favorite eco-celeb of the week. We love seeing what celebrities are up to, and that doesn’t mean when it comes to movies, television or music albums, but with how they’re giving back to the planet. This week, comedian Will Ferrell caught our eye. In addition to his funny business, Ferrell respects and supports the planet. Check out how he protects Mother Earth.

Funnyman Will Ferrell is so much more than his characters on “Elf,” “Anchorman,” “Saturday Night Live” and “Step Brothers.” Behind his antics, Ferrell is actually quite the environmental activist. Here are seven ways one of America’s favorite comedians has given back to Mother Nature.

1. He works directly with the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), an environmental organization dedicated in improving the planet through protecting wildlife and creating an overall healthy planet.

2. In 2007, Ferrell was the first person to drive BMW’s Hydrogen 7 for regular use. The car wasn’t sold in lots, but rather loaned to famous people to promote hydrogen technology.

3. Newsweek named Ferrell as one of the most “surprisingly green famous people” for giving back to the planet in more ways than one.

4. The comedian has promoted planet-friendly activities through comedy sketches on For example, one video shows Ferrell and his Green Team, members include John C. Reilly and Adam Mckay, giving tips on how to keep the planet green.

5. He starred in TBS’s “Earth to America!” eco-comedy show, alongside Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and other comedians.

6. Alongside his wife and three sons, Ferrell lives in an eco-friendly home complete with a solar-energy system.

7. Ferrell is also an animal lover. In November 2012, he ran a half-marathon benefiting the American Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPCA).

Now, that’s some awesome green work. Raise your hand if you love Ferrell even more!

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: Flickr/Eva Rinaldi