Exclusive: BeGood Clothing Mending Planet One Design at a Time

March 13, 2013

BeGood Clothing gives back to the planet and charitable causes through fashionHave you ever wanted to visit a clothing store that not only provides some of the most eco-chic items around, but that also gives back to the planet and people across the globe? Well, then look no further, because BeGood Clothing is the store for you, and it might possibly be the new design/charitable trend.

Eco News Network was lucky enough to speak with one of the founders, Mark Spera, about BeGood Clothing, its concept, its influence and what to expect from the business in the future.

Founded by friends Spera and Dean Ramadan, BeGood Clothing is relatively new to the San Francisco, Calif. area, as it first opened last August. The store features not only clothing, shoes and accessories from brands and designers that are eco-friendly, and known for charitable causes, but the store also gives back for each item purchased.

Here’s the lowdown from Spera on exactly what BeGood is, “BeGood is a socially responsible, and eco-responsible, fashion store catering to both men and women. We carry all brands and designers who have built into their framework an eco or humanitarian giveback.”

For example, customers can purchase shoes from TOMS, which with every purchase a pair is donated to someone in need. Also, BeGood customers can take home items from Patagonia, which has pledged one percent of their revenue to eco-causes.

BeGood Clothing gives back to the planet and charitable causes through fashionAs Spera explains, “Every single item in the store will give back in some way.” With each product purchased, the store supports the following causes.

  • Donation of clean water
  • Books for Africa
  • Education initiatives
  • Toothbrush given to a child in need
  • Donation of prescription lenses
  • Eco-Causes
  • World Bicycle Relief
  • Humanitarian Initiatives

Spera and Ramadan also like to give back to local charities, like the San Francisco charity Project Open Hand, which donates meals to the critically ill in the Bay Area. They’ve designated certain items in the store that give primarily back to this charity.

BeGood has also established partnerships with local organizations. Tomorrow night, they are holding an event at the store to raise money for the Urban Garden that’s being built in San Francisco.

In addition to selling fabulous products and giving back to those that matter, BeGood hopes to set an example for others.

“What we’re trying to show people is that clothing that gives back, clothing that’s eco-friendly, can be a fashionable statement as well. You don’t have to sacrifice the fashion in order to shop responsibly,” Sepra says.

BeGood Clothing gives back to the planet and charitable causes through fashion

BeGood Clothing founders Dean Ramadan and Mark Spera.

He and his business partner want others to know that you can be green, give back and look good while doing it, “Eco-friendly and sustainability is cool. It’s the new thing. It’s the new ‘why shop at Macy’s or JCPenney’ when you can shop at a retail store like us.”

Be sure to support Spera, Ramadan and BeGood Clothing by visiting them at their San Francisco location, and by checking them out online! Also, stay tuned, because there just might be a second store coming in the near future.

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: BeGood Clothing