The Local Table Hosts Eating with the Ecosystem

March 20, 2013

The Local Table presents the Eating with the Ecosystem dinner seriesThe Local Table gets ready to host Eating with the Ecosystem seafood dinner series exploring the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and a plant-based approach to sustainable seafood.

ACTON — On Monday, March 25th, The Local Table in Acton, Mass. will host the second segment of the Eating with the Ecosystem Boston sustainable seafood series. Eating with the Ecosystem is a traveling dinner series that had its inaugural run in 2012 in Rhode Island. The project now brings its community-driven, place-based approach to sustainable seafood to the Boston area, where it is partnering with six restaurants to host special dinner events featuring the fruits of our local marine ecosystems.

The dinner at The Local Table will explore the culinary treasures of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem, an area of water that stretches from Provincetown to Nova Scotia and includes Massachusetts Bay. Owner Rose Saia and chef Tom MacNeil will present a creative menu showcasing a diverse sampling of seafood items from these waters, while scientist Kristin Kleisner and Eating with the Ecosystem organizer Sarah Schumann will narrate the event, bringing to life the bountiful yet vulnerable ecosystem that produced the evening’s fare.

The Gulf of Maine is a unique ecosystem that has put a wide variety of seafood on dinner plates for centuries. But climate change, riverine habitat alteration, and fishing patterns have contributed to fluctuations in this ecosystem, and recently, a very strong lobster stock has led to worries about low biodiversity in this ecosystem. The dinner at The Local Table will explore how seafood diners can make choices that bring this ecosystem into balance and support local fishermen by synchronizing local market demand with patterns of ecological abundance.

The Eating with the Ecosystem dinner series is organized by Rhode Island fisherwoman and environmental activist Sarah Schumann, who started it as a way to help people see the connections between a healthy marine environment and a healthy local fishing economy. Other dinners in the series feature the ecosystems of Southern New England waters and Georges Bank.

Tickets to the event at The Local Table cost $55 (exclusive of beverages, tax and gratuity). Donations to Eating with the Ecosystem are encouraged. Reservations are available through The Local Table at (978) 263-8743. The Local Table is located at 251 Arlington St. Acton, MA 01720.

About Eating with the Ecosystem
Eating with the Ecosystem is a place-based approach to sustainable seafood for New England. By fusing the ecological knowledge of marine scientists and commercial fishermen with the culinary creativity of the region’s most innovative chefs, the project advances a dining paradigm that channels a deep understanding of the special places in the ocean that produce the seafood we enjoy. Eating with the Ecosystem’s traveling dinner series partners with restaurants in Rhode Island and the Boston area to celebrate and steward the region’s unique marine ecosystems, one at a time: Southern New England waters, Georges Bank, and the Gulf of Maine.

Upcoming Events: Spring 2013 Eating with the Ecosystem Dinner Series
Gulf of Maine at The Local Table, March 26, 2013. Cocktail reception at 6:00PM; dinner at 6:30PM. 251 Arlington Street, Acton. Reservations at (978) 263-8743.

Georges Bank at Ten Tables Jamaica Plain, April 16, 2013. Cocktail reception at 6:00PM; multiple seatings beginning at 5:30PM. 597 Centre Street Jamaica Plain. Reservations at (617) 524-8810.

Photo Credit: Eating with the Ecosystem