Eco-Celeb of the Week: Luke Perry

April 25, 2013

Luke Perry talks the environment and how he gives back in beneficial waysEco News Network presents our favorite eco-celeb of the week. We love seeing what celebrities are up to, and that doesn’t mean when it comes to movies, television or music albums, but with how they’re giving back to the planet. This week, hottie and “Beverly Hills, 90210” actor Luke Perry caught our eye. In addition to his acting, he has great love for animals and the planet. Check out how he protects Mother Earth.

He is known and loved for playing Dylan on “Beverly Hills, 90210,” but hunk Luke Perry is more than meets the eye. Did you know he stands up for the planet?

This year, Perry has been letting his greenness truly shine and has been stepping out for green events and discussing what the environment means to him.

At Global Green USA’s 2013 Pre-Oscar party, Perry spoke directly with Ecorazzi aka “the only razzi he can stand” about how he supports Mother Nature.

He attended the event out of friendship and fear. Fear? Yes, he is scared for our planet, “As a citizen of the Earth, I’m just scared. We’ve got to get the environmental stuff under control.”

The environment is something people are talking about more and more. Perry believes people are finally to take notice, because of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, tsunamis, droughts and other major natural disasters.

Perry does whatever he can to support the planet, and that means he won’t even water his grass, and his neighbors hate him for it. From using an electric lawnmower to eco-light bulbs to recycling, he gives back to the planet in small ways.

“I don’t take too many extreme steps, but I try to take all the small ones that all of us can do everyday to make the difference,” Perry said.

Some might find this extreme, but Perry – thanks to actor Martin Sheen – puts a bucket in his shower to catch the excess water. He then uses that water for gardening.

He also encourages everyone to vote green.

No matter how small or big the environmental step, it’s great to see Perry’s concern for our planet.

Watch the full interview here.

Via Ecorazzi

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: Ecorazzi Video