Summer Vegan Recipe Wednesday

July 10, 2013

PurelyTwinsSummer is finally here and with it, a bounty of fruits and vegetables to tempt your senses! To help you with seasonal ideas and tips, and get you in the mood for fresh, healthy food, each week we will be posting some of our favorite vegan summer recipes. Enjoy the sunshine in the most delicious way possible!

Take the time to indulge in one of summer’s most beloved perks, a delicious bowl of frozen delight! Head on over to Purely Twins for a take on home made vegan coconut ice cream so simple and quick you’ll have no excuse to resist. Best of all, no special equipment required! If you don’t count a blender, which you may feel free to lick clean.

Dairy-Free Coconut Ice Cream
Prep Time: 5 minutes for ice cream base, several hours to freeze
Yield: 4 portions


  • 1 cup coconut creamer (or canned coconut milk just make sure full fat)
  • ¼ cup coconut butter
  • ½ teaspoon stevia. Adjust taste to your liking
  • ½ teaspoon cardamom


  • Place all ingredients into a blender and blend till creamy.
  • If you don’t have coconut butter, you can use coconut oil but do around 2-3 tablespoons.
  • If you don’t like stevia, pick your favorite sweetener and adjust to taste. Start around 1-2 tablespoons and go from there. Depends how sweet you like it.
  • Once coconut ice cream is blended, pour into a shallow dish and place in freezer. Depending if you use coconut butter or coconut oil, the time in freezer will vary. Just keep checking on it, should take only a few hours.
  • Other great flavor options – add lemon zest, use vanilla or cinnamon instead of cardamom. Stir in your favorite chocolate chips.

-Anastasia Yefremova

Photo Credit: Purely Twins