Eco-Travel for Late Summer and Fall: Part One

August 22, 2013

Looking to Eco-fy your late summer and fall travel plans? Here are a few options across the United States that you might consider.

1. New England
Boston, Massachusetts
Boston’s many and varied nicknames include “Beantown,” “The City on a Hill” and “The Cradle of Liberty.” Another moniker the city is known by is “America’s Walking City.” With the world’s oldest continuously working streetcar system, the seventh-highest percentage of pedestrian commuters in the United States and a thriving bike program, the eco-minded can comfortably enjoy the 1,100 acres of parks and public gardens that make up Boston’s Emerald Necklace. See Shakespeare on the Boston Common or feed the ducks at the Public Garden.

Ready to refuel after a day of walking? There are more cafes, restaurants and food trucks dotted throughout Boston than you could shake a stick at. Are you the kind of person who believes there is nothing better than the homemade? Boston’s numerous farmers markets and organic food stores will more than meet your need.

And if it so happens that land isn’t your thing, visit the famous New England Aquarium and enjoy penguins in the summer. Looking for the best of land and sea? Boston’s beaches may not have had the best reputation once upon a time, but are now considered some of the cleanest in the country!


Photo Credit: Flickr

2. West Coast
Joshua Tree National Park, California
Three of California’s diverse ecosystems come together in the Joshua Tree National Park. The Colorado Desert, the Mojave Desert and the Little San Bernardino Mountains make up the park’s 800,000 acres, home to a stunning diversity of animal and plant species, and geological formations. The variety of landforms, vegetation communities and elevations are nothing short of a dedicated camper’s dream.

Depending on how adventurous you are feeling, you can hit the background roads backpacking, go mountain biking or chance rock climbing. For the romantic in you, the park offers a truly spectacular view of the night sky, unpolluted and clear. Experience the Milky Way like you’ve never seen it before!


Photo Credit: Flickr

Check back on Friday to see what other destinations made it on our eco travel list.

-Anastasia Yefromova