Environmental News Picks of the Week

September 27, 2013

What’s happening in environmental news? Here are the Eco News Network top picks for climate, fauna, and water environmental news stories this week.

Environmentalists to Obama: Nix Pipeline Regardless of Canada’s Climate Vowskeystone pipeline
A group of environmental leaders and liberal organizations wrote a letter to President Obama on Tuesday, September 24, urging him not to allow the The Keystone XL pipeline extension which crosses the Canada/U.S international border. They argued that building Keystone XL would be negative to any efforts being made to combat climate change. The main problem is that the tarsands in which the pipeline would be built are producing carbon pollution and “the only way to reduce emissions is to cap expansion where it is now and reduce production over the coming years,” said the letter. Read the full story at Edmonton Journal

Key European Wildlife Populations Make a Comeback
Grey WolfRecent research has found that over the last 50 years the populations of several of Europe’s key animals have increased. The research, conducted by the conservation group Rewilding Europe, showed that all species have increased with one exception: the Iberian lynx. The grey wolf, which had been suffering from serious losses, had a 30 percent increase in its numbers. Read the full story at ENN




Can Bacteria Combat Oil Spill Disasters?
Research conducted by teams of international scientists has discovered that two types of bacteria (Oleispira Antarctica and Alcanivorax Borkumensis) could potentially be used to help battle oil spills in our seas. These bacteria are commonly found in sea water all over the world, although sometimes in small quantities. Due to Oleispira’s ability to survive in cold temperatures, its oil-degrading attributes are better fitted for polar seas. Read the full story at Science Daily

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-Ivanha Paz

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (2), Flickr (Ruslan Vladmirovich Albitsky)

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