Environmental News Picks of the Week

October 4, 2013

What’s happening in environmental news? Here are the Eco News Network top picks for climate, water, and fauna environmental news stories this week.

Native Tribes’ Traditional Knowledge Can Help U.S Adapt to Climate Changenarraganset
A group of 50 researchers at Dartmouth and elsewhere, by studying climate change’s impacts on U.S. tribes and how they are responding to the changing environments, determined that their sustainable ecological practices can help modern science in coming up with solutions to deal with the impact. “The partnerships between tribal peoples and their non-tribal research allies give us a model for responsible and respectful international collaboration,” the authors say. Read the full story at ScienceDaily

Radioactive Fracking Wastewater Discharged in Pennsylvania Creek
A team of researchers led by Duke University found high levels of salinity and radioactivity after collecting samples of sediments and water from a creek in Pennsylvania, near a wastewater site connected to a Fracking operation. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a method of extracting gas by injecting into rock a mixture of sand, water, and chemicals to cause fractures along the rock through which the gasses may travel. Although the water is treated before being released into the waterways, researchers say that not all unwanted water is successfully removed. Read the full story at: Nature World News


Restrictions in Place to Protect a Rare Bird
Protections have been set in place in New Zealand for one of its rarest birds, the Banded Dotterel, along 1.7 km of beach in Pencarrowbanded dotterel Coast. The public has been asked to stay off that section above the high tide mark which is where the birds have been trying to breed. “Unfortunately this population is under considerable pressure at the moment, with only 3 percent of nests successfully hatching chicks over the past two years,” said Nikki McArthur, a Wellington Regional Council environmental scientist. Read the full story at 3News

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-Ivanha Paz

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons (3)

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