Natural and Eco-Friendly Pet Products


October 8, 2013

We all like to spoil our pets, especially man’s best friend and the trend toward natural and eco-friendly pet products is growing. I know several people whose mutts have an equal number of toys as their children.  Each time they celebrate a birthday or Christmas, Rover gets yet another bouncy object to adore until it inevitably falls apart. While it may sound ridiculous to some people who aren’t animal lovers, pets can be seen as a part of the family and therefore people treat them as such. I know of dogs that actually have their own rooms, complete with framed pictures of themselves and their owners hanging on the walls.

Upon walking into a traditional pet super store, one is sure to be alarmed at the isles and isles of chew and throw toys, most of which are made from plastic. Shopping for those types of items is definitely barking up the wrong tree. When those toys are all chewed up or broken, they get tossed and end up in the same place our children’s toys end up, in a landfill. All aspects of our lives can improve on being more environmentally friendly, even when it comes to our pets.

Here are a few companies that have some great eco-friendly products:

Olive offers a huge selection of products for your pooch and a few for your favorite feline as well. Olive has an incredible array of carriers, bowls, leashes, toys, beds, mats, shampoos and even herbal spray for your dog’s skin.

Island Time Pets:Bruin and Celtic small
Island Time Pets dog toys and cat toys are all handmade in the USA of 100% cotton rope from Georgia or seine twine traditionally used in the fishing industry. Captain Dave also makes nautical rope dog leashes and matching custom collars using rope from Massachusetts. His goal is to create the highest quality pet toys and products available.

West Paw:
West Paw offers a variety of both cat and dog toys, beds, and apparel. All the toys are extremely durable and will outlast enough the toughest of teeth. Everything from West Paw is 100% made in the USA as well.

Harry Barker:
Harry Barker uses 100% post recycled plastics for their toys and earth friendly dyes and fabrics for their beds and apparel. Their waste bags are even biodegradable. They have a wonderful selection of products including some great toy storage products. Be sure to check out their stylish leashes which are made from 100% polyethylene terephthalate.

These are just a few places to buy eco-friendly pet products, there is a huge assortment of products out there, so you can be sure to spoil your pup and purchase quality, eco-friendly items that you and Fido can feel good about.

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: Flickr/Andrew Bennet

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