Patagonia, Bhutan, and Machu Picchu Walking Tours


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October 14, 2013

Taking a walking tour offers the opportunity to see and experience things that you might never even notice when driving or that aren’t even accessible except on foot. Patagonia, Bhutan, Scotland, and Machu Picchu are just a few of the places in which you can immerse all of the senses in the sounds, smells, and even tastes. And, many tour companies offer tours for the casual walker so you don’t have to be a daily power walker to take advantage of this peaceful and enriching experience.

Here, Eco News Network offers up a few ideas for you to consider. There is a bounty of opportunities around the globe if this type of immersion travel appeals to you.

Boundless Journeys offers walking tours to such exotic places as the Annapurna Mountains and Himalayan landscapes of Bhutan and Nepal, the scenic coastline of Iceland, and the spectacular landscapes of Southern Patagonia where you can hike through a wealth of natural treasures. Their walking tours of France, Italy and Switzerland and their tour of the west islands of Ireland are both ranked by National Geographic Traveler as 50 Tours of a Lifetime.


New Zealand

The Wayfarers focus on bringing guests closer to the unique natural environment of each of their destinations and encourage a global perspective on preserving our worldwide resources. Tours include following Captain Cook’s steps to discover rainforests, mountains and Maori landscapes of New Zealand’s South Island and a trek through the Central Highlands of Scotland from Culloden to Edinburgh that explores Scotland’s turbulent and intriguing history.

Butterfield and Robinson offers the chance to slow down, see the world, and “smell the roses (or the rosemary)” on their walking tours which include a trek in Peru to explore the Lost City of Machu Picchu and hike the cloud forests of the Inca Trail. Also featured is a walking tour of Vietnam that takes you from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City past “beaches, banana plantations, thriving local markets and the occasional imperial tomb.”

Whatever your dream destination, there is a walking tour to fit your fitness level and your adventure needs. In addition to exotic destinations, most cities have companies that offer walking tours. This is a great way to take a break from a busy convention or explore the side streets.

So, grab those walking shoes and get going! And, send a postcard!

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