Recycle Carved Leftover Halloween Pumpkins

October 31, 2013

Reuse carved pumpkins for fertilizer, baking and feedHappy Halloween! A fun day for human’s of all ages for sure. And, if you recycle your carved leftover Halloween pumpkins, one that can benefit nature as well. Here are two ways to make good use of those carved and rotting pumpkins sitting on the doorstep.

Feed the Wildlife
What better way to give back to animals and the environment than by providing some grub by recycling your carved leftover Halloween pumpkins? Many common backyard creatures love pumpkin if you chop it up for them and set it outside.  Rabbits, squirrels, deer, birds and other animals will love you for it. We love pumpkins, so why wouldn’t wildlife?

Compost and Use as Fertilizer
Pumpkins are 90 percent water so they break down quickly. Forget fertilizer at the store! Compost your leftover Halloween pumpkin outside in the garden and it will become great fertilizer for your plants. If you don’t compost, check with farms in the area. Many local farms offer pumpkin recycling programs and they use the pumpkins to fertilize future crops.

Never use carved Halloween pumpkins for cooking. Once carved, pumpkin meat can quickly become unsafe to eat.

Photo Credit:Wikimedia/Martin Doege
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