Environmental News-Europe, Walmart and Electricity

europe flagNovember 29, 2013

What’s happening in environmental news this week? Here are the Eco News Network’s picks focusing on Europe’s response to climate change, Walmart’s lack of environmental initiative, and global energy action.

The Reality Behind Europe’s Response to Climate Change
A study led by Diana Reckien of Columbia University explains that one in every three European cities has no relevant policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and seven in every ten urban areas have no formal adaptation plans. The study focused on 200 large and medium-sized cities in eleven countries. They concluded that 130 cities have at least a mitigation plan and less than a third also have an adaptation plan. Read the full story at ScienceDaily.

POLLUTIONwalmart (1)
Protesters Target Walmart’s False Environmental Claims
Environmentalists across the country will be protesting at Walmart locations during “Black Friday” demanding that the company change its harmful environmental practices. Even though back in 2005 the company vowed to reduced its greenhouse gases as quickly as possible, the company’s gas emissions exceed those of many countries and its use of renewable power actually declined in 2012. Stacy Mitchell, a senior researcher with the nonprofit ILSR said, “Behind all of Walmart’s slick green washing is a business model that is fundamentally unsustainable, it depends on a highly polluting, far-flung global supply chain and a network of sprawling supercenters. It exploits workers and wields political influence to undermine the common good.” Read the full story at the Wisconsin Gazette.

ENERGYradiation warning sign
World Bank Says No to Nuclear
The leaders of the United Nations and World blank have outlined a plan to ensure that the whole world has electricity by 2030. For the plan to succeed these organizations must raise $600 billion to $800 billion. It prohibits use of some energy sources, especially nuclear energy. Some climate scientists have been calling for more nuclear power to help fight global warming, but other environmentalists think it’s too risky and expensive. Read the full story at Grist.

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-Ivanha Paz

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