Environmental News-Pollution, Timber, NDP Policies

November 8, 2013

What’s happening in environmental news this week? Here are the Eco News Network’s picks focusing on world carbon dioxide levels, Harvard’s timber plantation in Argentina, and Canadian environmental policies.

World Carbon Dioxide Levels at Record High
The World Meteorological co2Organization reported that world carbon pollution is warming the earth’s atmosphere and that levels in the atmosphere reached a record high in 2012. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere increased 2.2 parts per million from 2011 to 2012, which is above the average 2.02 parts per million per year for the past 10 years, showing an accelerating trend. Read the full story at World Meteorological Organization

Harvard’s Timber Plantation Causing Environmental Harm
tree-plantations_1A report recently published by Responsible Investment at Harvard Coalition and the Oakland Institute determined that timber plantations owned by Harvard University in the northern part of Argentina may be harming the region’s wetlands. The pine trees in the plantation are said to be transforming the region into a green desert. Read the full story at the Earth Island Journal



Canada’s NDP Proposes Environment Policy Changes

Canada’s social democratic party national canada park(NDP) has created several motions aimed at improving the federal government’s environmental policies. There are fifteen motions in total calling for a review of Canada’s environmental practices. One of them is based on developing a national water strategy and another one calls for a study on the impacts of budget cuts to Parks Canada. Read the full story at the Montreal Gazette

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-Ivanha Paz

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