Green Holiday Arts and Crafts

presentThe Holiday season has finally arrived and is all around us. Everywhere we turn there are decorations highlighting the holiday season. Hence, this little guide on getting crafty and making our own eco-friendly decorations!

The first step is to unleash your creativity, almost anything in your house can be made into an art project or an adornment. For example, take some reused lids and glue them onto cardboard paper in the shape of turkey feathers! This one is a great distraction for children that might be bored while you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

A great memory from my own childhood was making tree ornaments with my mother. This one is super easy and can turn up incredibly beautiful pieces. All you need is some wire to hold your creation together and the possibilities are endless. It will look great hanging on your tree! Burlap, felt and twine make great tools for making animals, or any abstract shape you can come up with. Another popular one is a star ornament which Woman’s Day explains can be easily cut from faux-bois scrapbooking paper and then folded. You can even make a gnome ornament with a pinecone, felt, a little pompom and a pipe cleaner! Just use the felt to wrap around the pipe cleaner as a hat place the pompon at the bottom and use the pinecone as body. Lastly attach some felt to the pinecone for arms and legs.

Another thing you can decorate your home with are stockings. In this instance felt is your best friend. Sew them together with any colors you want and stick on them any patterns you may fancy.

When it comes to wrapping presents think of using glass jars instead of boxes and finishing them off with burlap and some twine. This idea works well if your gift is something like nuts, but anything that fits into your jar will do.tree ornament

If you don’t have time or can’t find anything in your home to get crafty, but still really want to, check out some stores that sell eco-friendly kits to do yourself or with your kids. Artterro Eco Art Kits range from wool felt bugs to art journals to bookmaking all from green materials from a company that makes sustainability a priority. Have fun this season with your green holiday arts and crafts!

-Ivanha Paz

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons