ThinkEco² Wine Racks: Holiday Gift Idea

winerackThinkEco² is making good use of aged, weathered, and rustic fences by handcrafting 100% recycled cedar gifts including wine racks, wine and liquor gift boxes, and garden planters.

Brian Behncke, Founder of ThinkEco² owns and operates Briven Construction during the day and builds handmade eco-friendly gifts at night with his crew. Their eco-friendly products are built from scrap cedar taken from Behncke’s fence-job sites. Cedar is a great choice for wine racks and garden planters because it is naturally resistant to pets and rot.

ThinkEco² wine racks make fun and affordable gift since they are priced under $50. They are rustic, stackable, and are offered in a variety of color frames including black, white, green, and red. They also fit nicely onto a countertop or small pantry space.

ThinkEco² wine and liquor gift boxes are particularly special gifts for the holidays. The boxes are sturdy, come with a gold latch, and are Made in the USA. The box can be used for special treasures.

Their products can be found at the online handmade marketplace
ThinkEco² has grown over the past year. Their first recycling projects was inspired by a need for all natural flower planters, then quickly expanded into a line of 100% recycled wooden gifts and wedding décor.

ThinkEco² combines eco-consciousness with philanthropy. They donate handmade eco-friendly wine racks and wine gift boxes to charities including TNT Memorial, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and Mama’s Kitchen on a year-round basis.

ThinkEco² plans on launching a new line of wedding products. They have been working with San Diego wedding planners to create eco-chic wedding products. For more information contact Jules Lavallee,

Photo Credit: ThinkEco²