Veganism in Everyday Products

handbagsNovember 7, 2013

Veganism is on the rise, vegan desserts and meat substitutes are sold in supermarkets and are very popular among vegans and non-vegans alike. Food isn’t the only vegan product out there, however. There is a growing market for vegan goods which might seem out of the ordinary, from vegan mattresses to shoes, Eco News Network has compiled a list of all these wonderful environmental goods being sold to the public.

1. Vegan Footwear by Sudo: Their slogan, “walk with principle,” represents their brand mentality. These shoes come in many different styles and are all “vegan.” This means they are cruelty free. They use no leather, no animal skins, and are environment friendly. Their store is located in Cambridge, MA.

2. Vegan Handbags and Accessories: Check out Alternative Outfitters, an all vegan boutique with hundreds of handbags, coats, shoes, and more, all vegan! Their mission is “to provide customers with high quality products that are always fashionable and cruelty free.” They are located in Los Angeles, but their website offers world-wide shipping.

3. Mattresses: Saatva Mattress makes their mattresses green by insuring that their outer cover is made with organic cotton, the inner springs are constructed from recycled steel rods, and the foam top is made from bio-based foam. Saatva doesn’t have physical stores so they handle all their business online, reducing their carbon footprint significantly and also saving a lot of paper!saatva

4. Perfumes: Sweet Anthems is a “tiny perfume studio” based in Seattle Washington that sells perfumes entirely free from animal testing and contains no animal substances making them 100% vegan. Their many different fragrances can also be purchased online.

5. Shaving Cream: The Vegan Store offers a shaving cream called Alba Botanica Very Emollient enriched with jojoba and vitamin E. It contains no soap and all natural ingredients.

6. Books: There are many books out there about being vegan, from cookbooks to guidelines on how to maintain the lifestyle. They are very popular and can be found in the vegan section of almost any bookstore or website.

7. Cleaning Products: Orange Plus Spray Bottle, offered by The Vegan Store, is an all purpose cleaner usable on sinks, countertops, oven tops, refrigerators, walls, tile… etc. It is natural, non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable.

8. Soap: Dishmate Dish Soap, also found at The Vegan Store, comes in four different scents (almond, lavender, pear, and grapefruit) and contains no phosphates, dyes or

These seven examples are by no means all the vegan products available out there. Nowadays there is a vegan version of almost anything you can imagine! It is easy to find veganism in everyday products, simply explore your options with sites like The Vegan Store and Vegan Essentials.

-Ivanha Paz

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Saatva Mattress, Eco News Network

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