6 Environmental Orgs Worth Exploring

December 23, 2013earth first!

With so many environmental organizations out there, getting involved can be a dizzying task. Eco News Network has set out to make a list of the most unique and innovative ones so that you can find your perfect fit. 

Earth First! 

This org introduces themselves with a couple of questions: “Are you tired of namby-pamby environmental groups? Are you tired of overpaid corporate environmentalists who suck up to bureaucrats and industry? Have you become disempowered by the reductionist approach of environmental professionals and scientists?” If your answer was yes to any of these then Earth First is probably a great fit for you. They focus on taking action and are not scared of civil disobedience to get their point across. They don’t call themselves an organization but a movement and “there are no members, only Earth First!ers.”


Green America

This environmental organization takes an economic slant. They focus on strategies that take economic action to solve social and environmental problems. As their mission statement says their goal is to “harness economic power- the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace- to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. Their definition of green links social justice and environmental responsibility.


Heal the Bay

Based in California, this org focuses on ocean conservation and marine sustainability. They organize community action programs and advocacy efforts to move municipal, state and Federal government regulations in order to conserve Southern California’s marine ecosystem.



The Center for a New American Dream

Founded in 1997, New Dream combats hyper-consumption with their goal of “helping Americans reduce and shift their consumption to improve quality of life, protect the environment, and promote social justice.” They work with individuals, institutions, businesses, and communities advocating for positive changes that battle the over commercialization of goods in our culture and shift the ways these goods are produced and consumed. If you’re tired of our consumerism driven society and want to emphasize community, ecological sustainability, and non-material values, this is the place for you!


International Dark Sky Association  (IDA)


This organization specializes in battling light pollution. Their approach consists of raising public awareness and making partnerships to improve nighttime lighting on every continent. If you’re interested in preserving our starry nights, this is where to do it!


The Nature Conservancy

This non-profit works world-wide to conserve the land and water of our planet. They give priority to urgent issues like climate change and the availability of fresh water. They also protect tons of habitats from coral reefs to deserts in order to preserve Earth’s diversity of life. If you want to protect the environment, hands-on and directly, this is the org for you.


These are only a few organizations that all take different approaches with the same common goal, protecting and preserving our planet. Didn’t find your perfect fit? Not to worry, there are thousands more to explore! Check out this extensive list from Permaculture.

-Ivanha Paz

Photo Credit: Earth First!, Green America, Heal the Bay, The Center for a New American Dream, IDA, and The Nature Conservancy.

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