Blue Can Water for Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan

20131115211011-Typhoon-victims-q-2786455December 6th, 2013

Blue Can is the ecological and convenient alternative to plastic bottles. We pressurize pure water in aluminum cans for resilient and sustainable, plastic-free hydration. This protects the water over decades of storage — the first emergency water in single serve cans.

Did you know that much of the US’s plastic bottles are carried by currents to the Philippines?

Blue Can is engaged in “Clean Water for Survivors” of Typhoon Haiyan and with friends donated 15,000 cans that:

-Protect life saving water from toxic particles such as phthalates and BPA that are leached by plastic bottles when exposed to heat and light, especially important under the equatorial sun
-Preserve the pristine beaches, biodiverse jungles, & coral ecosystems of our planet from plastic bottle pollution
-Provide a modest recycling income to survivors, many of whom have lost everything.

During the 1994 Northridge earthquake, Blue Can inventor Rick and his family survived on two gallons of water and a touch of milk in a house where only one wall remained attached to the ceiling. While his wife watched the children, he walked miles through blocked roads to various grocery stores, only to find they were out of water, juice, milk…even soda! Even FEMA was out of supplies. Finally, after three days and tens of miles, he found some freshly delivered water in a nearby town.

Many in the Philippines have had to make do with even less, for even longer, while surrounded by the threat of E. coli contaminated water. Super Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest storm ever recorded, displaced millions and destroyed critical infrastructure including water systems.


Now we are raising funds (tax deductible through a 501c3) to rebuild critical water infrastructure and are offering Blue Can discounts to donors: one project is TOHL Helicopter Deployed “Mobile Pipeline” – Each instance provides 50,000 L/day (2.5L for 20,000 people).

Water is more essential than food during a disaster. Plastic bottles degrade, leaching plastic into the water and permeable to mold and fungus, thus expiring within two years. Our customers are excited because unlike plastic, Blue Can lasts for decades in homes, schools, offices, & vehicles for disaster preparedness.

There are literally giant formations of plastic — larger than Texas — floating in our oceans. Increasing amounts degrade into micro particles that compromise health. So why cans? Aluminum’s 85% recycling rate is due to its high value ($1,500/ton) and in fact subsidizes the recycling of plastic bottles ($100/ton), which is only 13%. Unlike plastic bottles, these cans are 95% recycled and back on the shelf in 60 days. Blue Can, Blue Planet.

Blue Can is certified BPA free and our water never touches plastic. Blue Can Water is purified, sterilized, and pasteurized using a multistage process that results in

Our philosophy is to reduce the use of plastic bottles with a sustainable product rather than legislative bans. Our canning and filtering processes are scientifically verified, reliable, and can be adjusted readily for various water sources around the world. Our vision is to scale our California-based technology globally, taking on mounting consumer waste by putting a dent in the 63 billion plastic bottles entering oceans and landfills annually.

-Angela Morente Cheng

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