Holiday Health and Fitness Tips

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December 5, 2013

Holiday health and fitness can be a challenge faced with foods we normally don’t eat, calendars full of festivities, and an overall lack of free time. To help our Eco News Network readers keep their waistlines in check we caught up with fitness guru Kiley Schoenfelder from KFitNYC for some holiday health and fitness tips. Remember that you should always consult your physician prior to starting any exercise program.

Eco News Network: Do you have “stay away from” foods during the holidays? What ways can people enjoy the merriment and stay healthy at the same time? How about any special tips for diabetics?

KS: I really think it is best to stick w the “moderation is key” method during the holidays. I don’t believe anyone should have to give up a delicious home cooked holiday cheat meal. If we were only bad with our eating habits on the actual holiday and good all the surrounding days, we would be absolutely fine! The problems arise when we give ourselves the okay to have a cheat WEEK or cheat MONTH! Along with the continuous cheat meals we often find ourselves too busy to workout over the holidays. Obviously this is a recipe for disaster! As a diabetic and health conscious person, I try to stay right on track with my workouts, even while I’m away from the gym. I most often use my own body weight with a TRX suspension trainer that I travel with. And as a diabetic I am very careful to count my carbs and give myself the appropriate amount of insulin for the extra food I take in on the holidays. I also try not to take leftovers and only eat the holiday meals on their first go-around.

Eco News Network: If you do overeat, what outdoor exercises can help keep the extra weight off and get some healthy fresh air at the same time? How long must one do each to get a benefit?

: Outdoor exercise can be great if it isn’t too cold or wet. Many of the outdoor exercises I do can also be done inside. My TRX suspension trainer is my favorite gadget to travel with. It can be wrapped around a tree trunk or fastened to a door inside for an equally incredible workout. If I don’t have a TRX with me I love using a round mini band around my ankles for sidestepping or jumping jacks. A jump rope is great for outdoor workouts too. If I don’t have any equipment I like running or walking any steps I can find, side lunges, walking lunges, pushups and planks. I pick 3-4 exercises and do a set of 15 of each and then start over and complete them all over again for 3-4 rounds. I try not to take breaks between the exercises but I’ll take a minute before I start the next round and towel off or grab water. Any of the exercises I mentioned can be done fairly quickly with proper form and effectively in about 20-30 minutes. (Be sure to consult your health care provider before starting an exercise program of your own)

Eco News Network: What are your favorite classes for winter workouts that you offer or that you participate in? What are the specific benefits of each?

KS: I think it’s best to always continue a basic strength-training program, which covers all the muscle groups at least twice a week. Along with that I love adding a mat Pilates or yoga class. I’ve been riding my bike outdoors rather than taking spin classes as of recent but if I have extra time and I can’t ride outside, I enjoy rowing on a machine indoors in the winter to cross train and keep my heart strong.

Eco News Network: Any winter smoothie recipes you are high on?

KS: Good question! I do! My favorite one these days is a shake with chocolate protein powder, a teaspoon of ground espresso powder (to give it a little crunch), frozen cherries, almond milk and a bit of ice. It’s amazing!!

More about Kiley and K FIT NYC
slide0Kiley is the founder of her own fitness brand, K FIT NYC. She devotes her life to helping others overcome personal challenges as she too, fights her own nearly life long battle with type 1 diabetes. Today, healthier than ever, Kiley shares her positive energy as presenter and volunteer for the American Diabetes Association of New York City. She has been a successful fitness coach since 1998 and is a graduate of Michigan State University. Kiley can be reached at

Photos: Courtesy of KFIT NYC

Please remember that you should always consult your physician before commencing any fitness routine or exercise program.

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