Seasonal Sanity Tips to Keep the Winter Season from Turning on You

Choosing Xmas cardDecember 12, 2013

December brings with it the chill of winter and a flurry of holiday activity that can sap your strength and make the prospect of the new year ahead feel overwhelming.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the onset of winter is prime time for colds, influenza, and other respiratory illnesses. One of the tips they offer to avoid winter bugs is to keep stress in check.

“I always feel tense and pressured to have everything in order for the new year, even though the holidays often get in the way of that,” says Marie Stegner, consumer health advocate for Maid Brigade, the leading green maid service. “Learning how to manage home, work, and personal wellness with the new year approaching continues to be a lifelong challenge.”

Here are a few seasonal sanity tips from the cleaning experts at Maid Brigade to keep the turn to the winter season from turning on you.


  • Don’t try to deck or un-deck the halls in one day. Spread out the holiday fun by making decorating and holiday activities part of the daily evening routine.
  • Get everyone in on the “game.” When it’s time to get organized, have a contest to see who can fill up a box the fastest with things they no longer use or wear or come up with the largest pile to give to the needy. Give a prize to the family member who finds the most unusual thing in their closet that they didn’t even know they had.
  • Rethink clean. Work towards a level of clean you can live with. Accept that it might not be perfect or hire a cleaning service to help with a deep seasonal cleaning.


  • Set a holiday work plan. Coordinate holiday and vacation coverage with a co-worker so you both have time to relax and disconnect.
  • Organize your January workflow before the end of the year. This way you can begin fresh and organized after the holidays.
  • Clear out workspace clutter. You’ll be surprised at how much of what has collected over the past 12 months can be discarded for a fresh start.


  • Small actions make a difference. Schedule lunch or coffee with a friend. Make an appointment for a facial or mani/pedi.
  • Set aside guilt-free “me” time. Take a 30-minute walk or exercise break each day. Treat yourself to a personal coffee break.
  • Listen to your gut. Avoid holiday schedule overload by limiting the commitments you make. Prioritize what is most important to you and your family and not everyone else.

Got more ideas? Visit the Maid Brigade Facebook page and post your seasonal sanity tips. For even more ideas check out Stegner’s blog.