Eco Eyewear with Style and Sustainability

January 23, 2014

Eco eyewear combines style with bio-based materials, natural materials, low carbon footprint manufacturing, and a social conscious approach to business. Did we say style? Here Eco News Network features three companies that seem to be doing Eco Eyewear with style just right.lunettes-kollektion-je-ne-sais-quoi-incence-sun


Lunettes Kollektion, Berlin, Germany
Berlin born and bred, Lunettes Kollektion features high style but classic frames are made from hypoallergenic, natural, and renewable materials. And the frames are assembled by hand at small, family-run factories in Italy and Germany, supporting small business and minimizing the company’s carbon footprint. The company also offers some one-of-a-kind vintage frames at their Berlin store. Latest looks from Lunettes Kollektion harken back to the round classics seen on the likes of Jackie Onassis and John Lennon back in the day.

lunettes-kollektion-production-03_2400x1600Truly a global brand, Lunettes frames all come complete with a name befitting each individual style and those that will wear them and wearers can customize the frames by selecting from a wide palette of cool tones such as Frosted Lemon and Petrol. The attention to classic, local manufacturing practice, high quality renewable materials, and exemplary style are the signature of Lunettes philosophy and values—a seamless melding of old-fashioned quality and modern design.

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MODO, New York, NY
MODO recently launched a complete eco-friendly line of frames called Eco Born Biobased. Stylish as well as eco-friendly, the Eco Born Biobased line is made of 63 percent bio-based materials and expands MODO’s previous eco eyewear line, ECO BIOBASED_RHINE, PINK- ECO BIOBASED_WHEATON, RED- ECO BIOBASED_RHINE, DARK PURPLE- ECO BIOBASED_THAMES, DARK BLUEEco 2.0, frames made fro castor seeds, a highly sustainable plant that grows up to 15’ in height after a few months.

Bio-based products have plant or animal materials as their main ingredients, and typically come from a renewable source. The Eco Born Biobased eco eyewear collection resulted from a three-year long collaboration with a French chemical company. Biobased is bio-certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is part of the USDA’s bio-preferred program. Under the Bio-Preferred Program, companies who create bio-based products are given preference by federal agencies when making purchase decisions.

The Eco Born Biobased collection features classic colors and vibrant hues including classic black and teal. What’s even better is that the case provided with each frame is made of recycled fabric from soda bottles and it folds flat to reduce the carbon footprint during shipping. Additionally, MODO encourages customers to donate their unwanted frames to charities that help people with poor vision in developing areas of the world.Visit for more information


Dizm Eyewear, Hermosa Beach, CA
Dizm was founded by a group of friends to create a stylish eco eyewear line that would standup to active sports and satisfy the needs of Heartbreaker_Whiteenvironmentally concerned people worldwide. Dizm Eco Eyewear offers a full line of stylish sunglasses for menDempsey_BrnSeaweed and women each with plant-based plastic “Eco” frames that are biodegradable, recyclable, compostable and sustainable and come with polarized lenses offering 100% UV protection.

Fusing art and technology, Dizm sunglass frames are handmade of RB Cellulose Acetate, a 100 percent renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable plant based material. When no longer in use or if lost, under the appropriate environmental conditions the frames will decompose into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. They are also compostable and will turn into nutrient rich material.

The company also encourages customers to become a part of the Dizm Dayz movement and take 5 minutes out of every day to do something to participate in or promote environmentally and socially responsible acts.

The focus on an active lifestyle in the design of Dizm Eyewear takes center stage with designs and colors including sun protection eyewear that have polarized, 100 percent UV protection, and impact-and scratch-resistant CR39 lenses.

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Happy shopping!

Photos supplied courtesy of Lunettes Kollektion (2), MODO, and Dizm Eyewear.

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