Environmental News- Air Pollution, Advocacy and Fishing Rules

January 3, 2014

What happened in the world of environmental news last week? Here are the Eco News Network’s picks focusing on New Year’s haze, environmental protests, and fishing regulations.


New Year’s Haze Spurs Warning of Unhealthy Air


Haze settled over Ambos Nogales, Arizona the morning of January 1st causing the Arizona environmental officials to issue a warning about air quality. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality explained that the main culprit for the unhealthy concentrations of airborne particles was mostly due to festive fireworks and residential fireplace/fire pit activities on New Year’s Eve. Read the full story at Nogales International


2013 Saw Environmental Protests…



Maria Cone reviews civil disobedience and environmental protest in the past year of 2013 which seems to have intensified and spread globally. From pipelines in Canada to franking in the UK to Coal trains along the Columbia River, 2013 was a busy year for activists all around the world. Read the full story at Scientific American.




Fishing; More Protection for Big Ones


A study led by Dr. Robert Arlinghaus, Professor for Integrative Fisheries Management of the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology  and Inland Fisheries and the Humboldt University of Berlin outlined the importance of protecting the bigger fish which are often overlooked as environment protection to combat overfishing is mostly placed upon small juvenile fish. The basic principle is that fish have to spawn at least once before they are allowed to be retained, thus if a fish smaller than the stipulated size is caught it must be released and only the big ones are allowed to be retained. However, the studies revealed that big spawners have great ecological importance. Read the full story at ScienceDaily.


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-Ivanha Paz

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (3)

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