Get More Vitamin D this Winter

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Vitamin D is essential to our health and many people during winter, unfortunately don’t get enough due to lack of sun exposure. We need it to maintain proper bone health, keep our muscles moving properly, and it is needed for our overall immunity. Just 10-15 minutes in the sun can provide us with generous amounts of this crucial vitamin. I’ve always been a warm-weather gal myself and this is one of the reasons. Winter weather makes it difficult to get vitamin D.

So without the sun, how do we get our proper dose of vitamin D? Milk is widely known for providing some vitamin D but here are a few more foods for you intrigued winter warriors:

Something’s Fishy:
Salmon, Tuna, and Mackerel, OH MY! These fatty fish are a huge provider of vitamin D. Salmon has more than 100 IU per ounce making it the greatest natural provider of vitamin D. Oysters are another great source of the vitamin and eating just 6 can provide you with half your daily need!

Yolks on You:
People are funny about egg yolks; it feels like we’ve been told about a million different things about the incredible-edible-egg. If you want some vitamin D, you can get a decent amount from the yolk of an egg.

Say Cheese:
Not all cheeses are created equal in the vitamin D area. The greatest givers of the nutrient are: Swiss, Parmesan, and Cheddar.

Make Room for Mushrooms:
Mushrooms are great for all-around immunity but they are one of the top contenders of providing the vital vitamin. Toss some raw mushrooms in your salad for something delicious and nutritious.

If you want to get more vitamin D this winter, head to the store now to pick up some of these foods!

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: Flickr/Rubber Slippers in Italy

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