Las Vegas Sign Now Solar Powered

January 15, 20145379888978_7869b93350_n

For as fun as Las Vegas is, there sure are a lot of songs and movies about leaving it. The only thing that is supposed to stay there are memories. Other than that, sustainability is not the first thing that comes to mind for this flashy city. There are people working to change that image though, starting with the sign that welcomes travelers to the city of sin.

One of the most famous signs on earth, the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas,” sign will now be powered completely by solar energy. This is a big step for Vegas and a message to other famous spots in the world. If Vegas can start somewhere, everyone can. The prominent sign will be powered by three solar trees using a total of 18 photovoltaic cells to capture the light of the sun.

Bombard Renewable Energy, which has been serving Las Vegas since 1982, installed the sign and also donated materials and services to the project.

The project also includes an educational plaque describing the work and also directs the public toward more information about sustainability in Nevada by listing the Clark County website.

The non-profit group Green Chips is one of the groups that rallied for the Las Vegas sign to be powered by solar energy. “The Las Vegas Valley is one of the sunniest spots on the planet,” stated Green Chips board member Chris Giunchigliani. “We are delighted to harness that sunshine and use it to power such an iconic symbol of our community. The project will forever tie our storied past with the possibility of an exciting future powered by solar energy.”

Next time you find yourself in Las Vegas with your wallet empty and your pals passed out near the sign, you can take comfort in the fact that not all is lost, even Vegas moves forward with its new solar-powered sign. Viva Las Vegas!

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: Flickr/LaurentGo

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