Organic Chocolate

January 28, 20144821416716_7725b7b230

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you are dropping your significant other some hints to hit you up with something scrumptious or you prefer to purchase something tasty yourself, be sure to take note of these organic chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Dagoba Chocolate:
The company name means temple in Sanskrit. This company partners with the Rainforest Alliance and continues making strides in sustainable farming. They work with cacao growers and their communities by encouraging farmers to grown organic crops. They also work to reduce their energy consumption by using recyclable packaging.

Shaman Chocolates:
Founder Brant Secunda created Shaman Chocolates through a vision of wanting to preserve the Huichol tribe of central Mexico. Thought by many to be the last remaining tribe whose pre- Columbian traditions are still active, Brant wanted a way to try to help sustain these amazing people. The sole purpose of the profits made by Shaman Chocolates is to help sustain the Huichol tribe. Shaman Chocolates is a project of Dance of the Deer Foundation.


Pana Chocolate:
This Australian chocolate brand prides itself on being 100% raw organic. They use a minimal heat method to make sure their chocolate is of the finest quality and they do not add any refined sugars. They also use 100% recycled cardboard and soy based inks for their packaging.

Divine Chocolates:
Divine Chocolates is the only Fair Trade chocolate company that is actually owned by the cocoa farmers themselves. The farmers are protected under the Fair Trade label but have control of their company’s shares and profits. Read more about Divine in our article found here.

Hopefully these organic chocolate choices will be enough to satiate your craving come V-day!

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: Flickr/Chocolate Reviews/Amy Loves Yah