Skin Care Tips for Guys

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We’ve talked about skin care for women quite a bit. What about the fellas? Many guys splash water on their face and don’t think about how their skin could be improved with just a few small steps.

Lukewarm Water:
We all take super hot showers and that is no help to our skin. Try showering with lukewarm water instead to keep your skin from drying out.

Cleanse with Honey and Baking Soda:
Honey? Yes. Honey is naturally antibacterial and will rid your skin of impurities each morning and night. When mixed with baking soda, you can exfoliate naturally and improve the overall condition, feel, and look of your skin.

Always cleanse skin with warm water before shaving to open your pores and enable your razor to better glide over the skin. Also, ditch the cheap razors and opt for a razor of higher quality, your skin will thank you for it!

There are a million different moisturizers out there but since we are no fan of the harsh chemical, we suggest going the natural route. I have tried about a million different things but what I love best is applying a bit of coconut oil in the morning after cleansing and at night as well. It prevents and treats wrinkles, treats acne, moisturizes, you name it. I’m a big fan of the coconut oil! Other great oils to use are: grapeseed oil, argan oil, and tamanu oil.

Pay Attention to Your Eyebrows:
You can’t just let them grow wild anymore. Don’t be one of those guys who waxes them to an unnatural degree! I’m talking about tweezing those few hairs that curl or appear in areas of no other hair. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make!

Hope these skin care tips for guys help you boys put your best face forward!

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: Flickr/spatulated

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