Sustainable Fitness Routines and Nutrition Tips

Looking good and feeling great is the result of healthy living and sustainable fitness routines. Want to learn more? You’ve come to the kiley slide0 copyright place. Eco News Network asked fitness and wellness expert Kiley Schoenfelder to share some thoughts on fitness and nutrition ideas as we head toward spring. Known for lending her training expertise to the Upper East Side Manhattan Equinox and to her own K FIT nyc, Kiley is a regular contributor to Eco News Network offering suggestions on how to live a healthy life. As a type 1 diabetic, Schoenfelder is the perfect person to listen to about making heath and keeping wellness a priority in our lives.

Eco News Network: We know that spring and better weather will be here soon. What sustainable fitness routines can people start now to get ready for outdoor exercise such as biking?

KIley: Most of the outdoor exercises that come to mind are for heart health. Any indoor cross training program that includes lifting weights and working the body in all planes of motion would be helpful. But most importantly, adding in some heart strengthening cardio intervals would help get our endurance up and prep us for outdoor fun!

Eco News Network: How about diet? We are all missing fresh local produce at this point in the winter if we live in the Northeast. How do you quench your need for the fresh stuff?

Kiley: I have recently really been enjoying meal deliveries from a local company called Blue Apron. Blue apron uses the freshest ingredients they can find from local suppliers. It’s the best food I can find for this time of year and they deliver three meals per week in once shipment directly to my door along with the recipes to follow for each meal. There is a meat or vegetarian option and it is really affordable too! I love this idea most because I’m really not very creative in the kitchen and Blue Apron takes all the thought out of it and makes cooking fun and easy for me!

Eco News Network: What trends are you seeing in fitness/exercise programs that focus people on what’s really good for their individual bodies and health?

Kiley: I really love rowing right now. It is low Impact and not only strengthens your heart, it works your core, back, and arms as well as your legs. I love that it helps with posture while burning lots of calories!

Eco News Network: What is the fresh local food that you are looking forward to as the spring thaw comes our way?

Kiley: Fruit. I have a sweet tooth and I just love being able to have fresh fruit when it is in season. My boyfriend has turned me on to fresh ripe figs. I love them as well as so many others.

Eco News Network: What new programs will K FIT nyc be starting this spring?

Kiley: I always love bringing back my TRX RIP trainer out of hibernation when it’s nice enough to work out in the park. It takes up a bit of space which I don’t always have when I’m indoors with clients. So when it is nice out I bring it to my sessions/classes in the park and have some fun with it. If you haven’t used one check it out. It’s quite a bit different than the original TRX and has a big bungee cord which makes things interesting and really strengthens the core while getting the heart pumping!

Eco News Network: Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share with our readers?

Kiley: This is so simple but I love roasting fennel in the oven at 350 degrees w a bit of salt and pepper and olive oil. As long as the oven isn’t too hot the olive oil is wonderful for you and the fennel presents such a delicious flavor once roasted and slightly brown. I add it to a simple white fish with a little farro or brown rice and it makes the best dinner! Blue Apron got me on to it!

More about Kiley and K FIT nyc
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Kiley is the founder of her own fitness brand, K FIT nyc. She devotes her life to helping others overcome personal challenges as she too, fights her own nearly life long battle with type 1 diabetes. Today, healthier than ever, Kiley shares her positive energy as presenter and volunteer for the American Diabetes Association of New York City. She has been a successful fitness coach since 1998 and is a graduate of Michigan State University. Kiley can be reached at

Photos: Courtesy of K FIT nyc

Please remember that you should always consult your physician before commencing any fitness routine or exercise program.

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