Top Aphrodisiac Foods

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Although it’s still chilly outside, Valentine’s Day has a tendency to heat up the month. If it is a special night you’re after but aren’t sure what foods will create certain moods, don’t worry. Eco News has compiled a list of aphrodisiac eats to provide the passion you crave this V-Day.

Top Aphrodisiac Foods

Oysters are the most widely known aphrodisiac and (in my opinion) the most delectable. These tasty morsels provide the body with lots of zinc which increases libido and ups testosterone. Don’t forget your glass of champagne to complete the delicious cliché!

Dark chocolate contains PEA, also known as the love chemical, which releases dopamine to the pleasure centers of the brain. Need more reasons to buy your sweetie chocolates for V-day?

The scent of basil is said to have an arousing effect on the brain. Is this where the Italianos get their romantic reputations from? Perhaps you should buy some tomatoes and mozzarella while you are at the store for a delish Caprese salad.

Add some spice to your relationship by eating some chilies this V-day. Spicy chilies increase blood circulation and stimulate nerve endings. Do chilies put the love in the term Latin lover? Possibly!

These antioxidant rich fruits increase sensitivity in already sensitive parts of the body.IMG_2712

Nothing is fishy about the scrumptious taste of salmon but did you know that salmon is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids which helps to maintain proper sex-hormone production? Better make a reservation at a sushi restaurant for Valentine’s Day!

Arugula is definitely the most seductive green around. While being delicious and strong in flavor, it has also been regarded as an aphrodisiac since the first century. With so many minerals essential to sexual health packed into this leafy-veggie, there is reason to understand why its nickname is the salad rocket!

Avocados and Oranges:
Try eating avocados and oranges as a snack a few days in a row; it is a great combination for passion! Spanish priests actually tried to forbid the consumption of avocados at one point because they found it obscene. However you feel about the avocado’s outfit, you can be sure it will fill you with desire as well as vitamin E!
Be sure to the grocery store before V-day arrives so you can fill your cart with these aphrodisiac foods and have a great, healthy night!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: Flickr/tai-nui, Mari Smith

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