Valentine Gift Ideas for Guys

February 7, 2014Apple_Woodchair_1_square

Every year that I have a boyfriend in February, the same question arises. What do I get him for Valentine’s Day? Some guys are harder to shop for than others but I think in general it can be difficult to shop for men…at least I find it difficult. Here are some techie-gift tips that will make your Valentine smile from ear to ear this year!

As Sheldon from the Big Bang theory says, “Men love Bluetooth.” It’s true. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve seen a guy endlessly fidget over a TV, computer, or musical device to make a point that Bluetooth is the best. In our modern age, technological gadgets have definitely become the way to a man’s heart.

1. Solio Bolt Battery Pack and Charger: For iPhone users, this is a great eco-buy. This battery pack can keep your phone from dying with a solar boost of energy directly from the energy of the sun!

2. EcoKable: Need some new USB cables? Why not check out EcoKable. Their cables are made with natural braided cotton insulation and are 100% PVC free.

3. etón Rukus Solar: This awesome Bluetooth sound system can instantly stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone, computer, or tablet (also using solar power).

4. Ravi Ratan USB/WIFI Cufflinks: Umm what? USB/WIFI cufflinks? We have officially entered James Bond territory. While they may not have an eco-edge, they are certainly worth a look if you want a stylish gift to impress your Valentine.

5. Ecoustik Wooden Dock: This eco-friendly musical amplifier is made from sustainably –harvested timber or recovered scraps of lumber and will make tunes sound terrific.

We are sure your Bond or geek will approve of these Valentine gift ideas for guys.

-Monica Bologna

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