Valentine’s Day Kids Activities

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Valentine’s Day kids activities can be simple, fun, and inexpensive and get everyone in the cupid spirit. Here are a few time-tested favorites from the Eco News Network team.

Have a Heart Hunt
Recycle wrapping paper from Christmas or other holidays by cutting it up into heart shapes and hold a heart hunt for the kids on Valentine’s Day. Hide the hearts all over the house and have small prizes for finding certain special hearts or the most hearts.

Make a Yummy Treat
Who doesn’t like strawberries dipped in chocolate? A great fun Valentine’s Day treat that is almost healthy (melt organic chocolate for the dipping). All you need is Organic, Fair Trade chocolate to melt, wooden toothpicks or skewers, whole organic strawberries, and a pretty plate to put them on (they won’t stay on there long). Melt the chocolate over very low heat stirring constantly. Rinse and dry the strawberries leaving the green tops on, put everything out on the kitchen table or counter and get dipping. Skewer each strawberry and dip in the chocolate to coat about 2/3 of the way. Then set on the plate to harden. If the chocolate hardens before you finish all of the strawberries, you can reheat it. Be sure to supervise the dipping carefully. If you have a fondue pot you can use that to keep the chocolate melted.

Share the Love
Take time out of the family festivities for share some Valentine’s Day love with an elderly neighbor, elder care home residents, or someone else who may not be remembered on this day of love. Help your child to make a homemade card or cards to deliver using paper, ribbon, and other things that you have around the house and go with them to deliver their special Valentine’s Day message. They will make someone smile and learn a valuable lesson about caring and sharing at the same time.

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Have fun!

-Jennifer Forbes

Photo Credit: Flickr/jamz196

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