Bicycle Adventures in Oregon

March 26, 20148186709741_d760425071

One of the most beautiful states in the United States of America is the great state of Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is full of exquisite destinations but Oregon has set out to boast its seven wonders, seven of the most amazing places in the state that you can now experience on a bicycle thanks to a company called Bicycle Adventures.

Bicycle Adventures is an active travel company which offers bike tours in North America, Hawaii, and New Zealand. Now, it is offering exciting trips through Oregon.

The bicycle vacation is in partnership with Travel Portland and Travel Oregon which are launching a multi-million dollar tourism campaign and are featuring cycling as an important factor.

The Seven Wonders of Oregon include: Mt. Hood, The Oregon Coast, The Columbia River Gorge, Painted Hills, Smith Rock, The Wallowas, and Crater Lake. With the tours, you have the opportunity to see all of these gorgeous wonders.

“We’re in a prime position to help with this promotion. We’ve already had in place for several years, bicycle vacations in five of the seven regions designated by the state,” said owner Todd Starnes. “We embraced the spirit and created two new itineraries or 2014 to round out our Seven Wonders of Oregon rides.”

The opportunity to go on a bike tour can open your senses to the sights, sounds, and smells of the natural beauty that surrounds you. It is obviously much easier to stop and appreciate something while on a bike, rather than in a tour bus or car. Plus, you are decreasing your footprint by traveling by bicycle, rather than using gasoline.

2698685063_0741f1153aThe two newest adventures include John Day and Painted Hills and Wallowas and Hell’s Canyon. Painted Hills in eastern Oregon boasts amazing terrain loaded with fossil beds, gorgeous striped hills, towering trees, and bald eagles. The Wallowas is also a stunning adventure to embark on thanks to the beautiful Wallowa Lake, breathtaking peaks, and a canyon with the deepest river gorge in North America.

If these beautiful sites aren’t enough to convince you, it is said that the culinary stops along the journeys are just as worth it. The company knows you will work up an appetite and they have selected delicious stops to satiate your palate. There are also plenty of options for beer and wine tastings.

There is no question about cycling being great for your health and great for the environment and with Bicycle Adventures in Oregon there is a chance to experience all the adventure your senses desire.

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: Flickr/Paul Kline, empiredude1