Eco-Friendly Spring Travel Tips

March 26, 2014

79437299_a3c15543eaFor some, spring break is one wild and raucous party, yet others see it as quality family time. If it’s time for you to pack your swimsuit and sunglasses and head out with your friends or family for a week of fun in the sun, make sure you keep the environment in mind with these eco-friendly spring travel tips.

Here are six eco-friendly spring travel tips for a fun and environmentally-friendly spring break:

1. If you are renting a car, opt for an environmentally-friendly one, like a Prius. If that isn’t in your budget, try to bike or walk wherever you can, and take shuttles and public transportation if at all possible.

2. When you hit the beach, instead of buying water in plastic bottles, invest in a good reusable bottle that you can refill throughout your trip. It’s more economical and more eco friendly. Plastic water bottles fill landfills and wash up on ocean shores so do your part by not adding to the mess.

3. Use environmentally-friendly sunscreen2014-03-19 10.03.27 such as Tropical Sands when necessary and invest in UV-protectant clothing available online from Coolibar, REI, or Athleta among others. If you take a minute to ponder the amount of chemicals the ocean is absorbing from all the bodies out there in the surf, it is pretty scary. Do yourself, the reefs, and the fish a favor by opting for a natural solution.

4. Make sure to turn off the air conditioning in your hotel room before leaving. It might be nice and comfortable to come back to a cool room, but it’s a huge drain on energy and costs the hotel dollars that will eventually result in increases rates.

5. Before booking a place to stay, check out the hotel’s sustainability initiatives and see if it has any green certifications or eco options to consider.

6. If you don’t want to spend all your time in restaurants, why not hit up a local farmer’s market? Packing a picnic for the beach or a day hike full of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great plan. You will also be supporting local farmers! Be sure to carry out anything that you carried on to the beach or the trail.

If you are lucky enough to escape the cold, enjoy it with these eco-friendly spring travel tips!

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credits: Flickr/emarquetti; Eco News Network