Other Inconvenient Truths Q&A with Al Rozich

There are a number of “Other Inconvenient Truths” that comprise an “Inconvenient Triad,” or super nexus according to Dr. Alan Rozich in his new book, Other Inconvenient Truths Beyond BookCoverGlobal Warming. Eco News Network caught up with Dr. Rozich to learn more about what he calls “the super nexus,” and to find out what’s next on the horizon for the BioConversion Solutions CEO and author.

Eco News Network: How did you decide to write the book, “Other Inconvenient Truths Beyond Global Warming?”

Rozich: Global warming, climate change, and carbon dioxide emissions are now frequently mentioned and discussed in the popular press and social media. Al Gore’s books and movie, although laudable, missed the mark by being perceived as just focusing on CO2 emissions as a cause of global warming which provided rich fodder for global warming deniers. There is a pressing need to explain the underlying causes of global warming which represent a more imminent threat. It is this message that the book is attempting to articulate.

Eco News Network: If there is one point that you want Eco News Network readers to know that is included in the book and why they should read it, what is it?

Rozich: As noted in the book, there are thematic parallels between Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and society’s current resource and environmental situation and the challenges of the Super Nexus. There are both the elements of darkness and of light and it is prudent to say that given the impending challenges, a struggle lies ahead. However, the answers are within our grasp and implementable utilizing engineering and scientific common sense.

Eco News Network: Based on the book it seems like a lot of people and governments have it wrong. Who has it right or at least is moving in the right direction?

Rozich: You got that right. The debate is also dreadfully politicized by inane drones from all parts of the political spectrum and beyond. It ranges from radical environmentalists who participate in the Left’s war on science to the airbrushed spokesperson for Energy Tomorrow who is the Tokyo Rose for the fossil fuel lobby. The bottom line is that the private sector will ultimately lead the way because renewables will ultimately be the preferred economic resource. This scenario realizes a “self-correcting” mechanism wherein plain old economics compel the use of renewables. As more renewables are used, CO2 and other emissions consequently decrease. These economic trends are already in play in various parts of societal functionality.

Eco News Network: Can you explain the Super Nexus in layman’s terms?

Rozich: It is a three-way confluence of the need for environmental and economic sustainability, depletion of resources or availability, and economic expansion. This results in dramatically increased resource competition with costs increases that will have unforeseen and, as noted by the McKinsey Group, unprecedented economic consequences reverberating throughout societal functionality. The Super Nexus can be avoided by reverting to a renewable economy, which concomitantly achieves environmental and economic sustainability and stabilization of resource costs.

Eco News Network: What’s next for Dr. Alan Rozich?

Rozich: I have begun blogging and giving interviews to various media outlets on the book and associated sustainability issues, concerns, and challenges. A new book is also underway which endeavors to explain the true preciousness of our resources in order to foster a greater appreciation for what we have on the planet. Chemicals, which are pivotal for making consumables, were created using nuclear reactions with incomprehensible amounts of energy in distant stars. What the Universe took billions of years to create and to convey to Earth, society consumes and wastes in a matter of days. I also hope to continue to be involved with developing and deploying renewable technologies.

About Dr. Alan RozichAlan Rozich IMG_9296

Dr. Alan Rozich is a world-renowned expert on biological processes with vast experience in biological conversion systems. Rozich obtained degrees at The Ohio State University and University of Delaware. He is an accomplished author with a previous book and numerous articles and presentations to his credit. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of BioConversion Solutions.

Other Inconvenient Truths Beyond Global Warming is available in softcover (ISBN 978-1- 62137-419-0) and Ebook (ISBN 978-1-62137-420-6) from Virtualbookworm.com, Amazon.com, and Barnesandnoble.com. The book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and United Kingdom. More information can be found at the author’s official website,

Photos/Graphics courtesy of Dr. Alan Rozich.

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