Down to Earth: Sustainable Winemaking Book and Month

April 10th, 20141

The Wine Institute has recently released a new book, Down to Earth: A Seasonal Tour of Sustainable Winegrowing in California, written and illustrated by award-winning journalists Janet Fletcher and George Rose. It is a guide made especially for consumers to unveil the environmentally and socially responsible practices that demonstrate how California vinters and growers are making their wines.

Thousands of growers and vinters participated in the assessments, education, and certification programs by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance and other organizations. Fifteen of these growers and vinters are profiled in the book. In addition, the book also includes seasonal recipes…yum!

Robert P. Koch, the President of the Wine Institute stated: “California makes 90 percent of our nation’s wine and is the fourth largest producer in the world, so the scale and scope of adoption of sustainable practices are tremendous across the state’s wine regions.”

Since wine lovers all over the world are just as interested in the production of their vino as they are in the taste, this book will be of great interest to them.

The book consists of 256 pages and costs $40. It is available for purchase here. It is being released this month in conjunction with “Down to Earth” month.


Organic Wine Trail of Santa Cruz Mountains

“Down to Earth” month was created ten years ago by the Wine Institute to help highlight California’s role as a sustainable wine leader, educate people about sustainable wine making, and to celebrate “green” wines. There are a variety of events that wine lovers will be able to participate in such as: Earth Day parties, eco-tours, vineyard hikes, and more. Check out all the activities for Down to Earth month!

One special day is the Santa Cruz Mountains’ Winegrowers Association Passport Day which promotes eco-friendly barrel samples and special tastings. Another great event is the Livermore Valley event on April 27th, which includes guided tastings and tours of their organically farmed vineyard. Visitors will learn about energy conservation, sustainable methods for pest control, and soil and plant management.

In addition to sustainability, the California wine industry contributes $61.5 billion to the state’s economy, generates more than 21 million tourists annually, and creates 820,000 jobs nationwide.

If you are a wine lover, be sure to pick up Down To Earth, and if you find yourself in California this month, don’t miss this great opportunity to learn all about sustainable winemaking.


-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: Wine Institute, Organic Wine Trail of Santa Cruz Mountains

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