Eoin Finn’s Earth Body Yoga DVD

April 15, 2014EBY_rockpile_twist_AliKaukas (2)

This past January, world renowned yogi Eoin Finn released Earth Body Yoga, a special yoga DVD that incorporates both challenging yoga poses with a powerful message about how nature nurtures and heals us in all matters of health and happiness.

The DVD integrates deep stretching, tough poses that make you sweat, and relaxation into the technical yoga practice. It also highlights the beautiful backdrop where it is filmed, Baja, Mexico. It also shows the landscapes California, British Columbia, and Hawaii. The relaxation practice at the end is important for opening up one’s connection to nature and for healing stressful minds.

The DVD is also full of inspiring knowledge from Eoin Finn. For example, he mentions in the video that every drop of sweat comes and goes from the ocean and that every second breath we take is made possible by the plankton in the ocean. He also says that every time we sigh out a breath during a yoga pose, it gives life to a tree. The video is full of interesting thoughts and eco-wisdom!

Finn says, “My life mission is to channel the energy of beautiful places through all my interactions with people. I could not teach with as much passion and inspiration as I do without my connection to Nature. It’s my time on the water with Dolphins and Whales or alone on vast stretches of beaches that give me my super powers. I tune into something and let it come through me. The real source is the beauty of Nature. When I get too busy to take time to have the experiences in nature, I lose these super powers. Earth Body Yoga will show us all how to unplug daily from our digital world and plug back into the Earth’s source.”

Eoin Finn is not only a world renowned yogi; he is also a surfer and “blissologist,” who travels the world sharing his unique Blissology Yoga. He believes that our connection with nature is vital to our well-being and it is part of the foundation of his teaching. His writing has even appeared next to big names like Deepak Choprak and Eckhart Tolle and was recently featured in British Vogue.

Earth Body Yoga can be purchased on Amazon and is also available for digital download on iTunes. It could be a great Earth Day present for your favorite yoga fan.

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: blissology.com

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