Four Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home

April 9, 2014
Want to make your home smarter and more energy efficient? You can start with the basics – turn off the lights when you leave a room, make sure doors and windows are sealed properly and monitor your thermostat. Here are four tips to save energy at home that you might not have thought provided by Thomas & Betts Corporation. Stay tuned to Eco News Network for our ongoing series Your Eco Home for more tips on eco home projects and products.

• Uncovered windows – Window treatments are an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to conserve energy. Installing window treatments and keeping them closed prevents heat from entering your home through your windows and diminishes the demands on your air conditioning system.

• Dirty refrigerator – Cleaning out your refrigerator helps your refrigerator run more efficiently. As you clean, be sure to vacuum and remove residue from refrigerator coils. This ensures that the refrigerator is cooling properly and not wasting energy.

• Extension cords in high-traffic rooms – Extension cords are often used to power appliances, lamps, televisions and speakers, but did you know that these cords can lose energy when continuously plugged into appliances? Installing floor boxes can enable easy access points to electrical outlets from anywhere in the room, eliminating the need for extension cords and energy loss

• Cable entry points – As it warms up and you turn your air conditioning (AC) back on, remember airflow can escape your home through these small entry points and end up costing you over time. Sealing electrical boxes results in more efficient heating of the house in the winter and cooling of the house in the summer, which reduces energy costs for the homeowner.

Thomas & Betts Corporation, a member of the ABB Group, is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of essential components used to manage the connection, distribution, transmission and reliability of electrical power in utility, industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

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