Trendy Mexican Winery Designed with Recycled Boats


Baja’s Guadalupe Valley

April 2, 2014

Husband and wife Alejandro D’Acosta and Claudia Turrent are an architectural team that have been designing wineries in Mexico using recycled materials. Their most current project is the Vena Cava winery in Baja’s Guadalupe Valley. This modern-looking winery offers tourists experiences for both their corneas and their palates with their eye-popping designs and delicious tasting vinos.

The ceilings of Vena Cava are made from abandoned boats that the couple recovered from a nearby port-they work well because they are made to be water-resistant. They also cleverly decorated some of the walls with old lenses from a local eyeglass factory. In addition, the couple took into account the look and feel of the surrounding area and gave the same appearance to the site, adding a natural-looking touch to this sheek Mexican winery.

Sustainability is very important to the couple. D’Acosta and Turrent collect “trash” and turn it into treasure. They are masters of scouring for recycled materials and they hunt in places like demolition sites, factories, and junkyards. For the remodeling of Bodegas de Santo Thomas, Mexico’s oldest winery, they used 22,000 tires to build the retention walls.

Baja’s Guadalupe Valley has been attracting tourists recently thanks to the prospering wine scene. The Economist has called the area the “Napa of Mexico,” and that seems to be an accurate description. The couple fortunately seems to be right in the middle of this exciting situation. So far, D’Acosta and Turrent have designed five wineries and two more are in the process of being created. They have also built other structures in the area.

Both D’Acosta and Turrent are equally committed to achieving a perfect balance between functionality and beauty when designing a winery. To D’Acosta, designing a winery is similar to designing a factory since the structures have to accommodate special equipment to process the grapes and filter the wine. Things that seem miniscule can have a great impact on the flavor of the wine.

It is easy to see where D’Acosta gets his reuse, renew, and recycle attitude from. He grew up with seven brothers and received his fair share of hand-me-downs. He has applied this attitude to his work-obviously he has had great results!

Check out more about Vena Cava by visiting their website.

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: Flickr/RebecaAR

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