Be Kind to Animals Week

May 6, 2014256px-Maggie_Pets (1)

This week marks the 99th Be Kind to Animals Week. Originally started by the American Humane Association in 1915, Be Kind to Animals Week promotes kindness to pets and wildlife. In reality, we should really try to be kind to animals every single day, but it is nice to have one week out of the year to focus on our furry friends.

Here are some ways that you can help celebrate/promote Be Kind to Animals Week…

Pamper your pet:

-Since it is starting to get warm outside, you may want to enjoy the sun and allow your pet to enjoy it as well by getting them out in the fresh air more often than usual. After all, they bring you ‘sunshine’ year round with their companionship so now that the winter is over; allow them to find their sunny spot on the sidewalk as well.

-Buy or bake special treats for your pet.

-Give them more attention by playing fetch or the age-old ball of yarn game.

Volunteer your time and attention:

Many animals sitting in shelters need homes. Now would be a great time to foster an animal or volunteer at a local animal shelter.

Report neglected or abused animals to animal control or an animal shelter. Just make sure that it is really going on before you make the call!

Adopt a pet! It IS the perfect week.


Donate to a wildlife foundation.

Inform people about the dangers of buying exotic animals.

Share information about petitions to promote animal safety or help save endangered species.

On vacation, when someone asks if you want to take a picture with an exotic animal, politely decline so you do not encourage people to take wild animals out of their habitats.

Help spread the word about Be Kind to Animals week by sharing online with friends and family!

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons