Eco-Friendly Cars for Every Driver

May 29, 2014BMW 2009 ACTIVE HYBRID X6

Though the car industry may never be perfect, and driving will never be the most eco-friendly way to get around, car companies are making strides every year to become more environmentally friendly. Here are some top rate eco-friendly cars for every driver:

The Commuter: The Chevy Cruze runs on a clean turbo diesel engine. With 46-mpg on the highway, it gets the best fuel economy of any diesel car in America. The sleek compact style makes it a classic choice for businessmen and women alike. Whether your commute is twenty minutes or two hours, be prepared to spend a whole lot less on fuel every month (and that turbo engine will get you there fast).

The Roadtripper: The 2014 Toyota Prius 5 may only have a few differences from its predecessors, but they make it just that much more comfortable for your road trip. In addition to its incredible 48-mpg highway, its hatchback makes it ideal for packing up luggage. The best feature? A solar roof that powers a fan to circulate air throughout the cabin so you can keep your packed car cool without wasting fuel.

The Errand-Runner: Even making short trips to the grocery store and back can cause a carbon footprint. With charging stations hard to find, the Chevy Volt may not be the best option for long trips, but it’s great for getting you around town. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, you can drive up 38 miles gas free. Just be sure to plug it in every night. “It’s electric when you want it, gas when you need it,” as goes the slogan.

The Trendsetter: Be the first on your block to own the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell. The hydrogen-powered engine only releases water, clean and easy. Like many other hybrids, the fuel-cell will shut off while the car is idling and run on battery power but can go up to 265 miles before refueling. Hydrogen fueling centers are still being made so this car is only available in specific locations.

The Joy Rider: The BMW Active Hybrid was definitely built for those passionate about luxury as well as the environment. Who knew you could have both? The twin turbo powered engine and electric motors work together to create low emissions and a fast ride. Just like the Volt, when driving on electric power, the car is virtually emission-free. And it has got all the beauty and style guaranteed by BMW.

Even if you’re not ready to go car shopping, it’s reassuring to know that these eco-friendly technologies are being developed. It gives hope that maybe one day we will all be driving cars that emit water instead of carbon monoxide, nitrogen, and hydrocarbons.

-Malissa Stark

Photo Credit: Flickr/SOCIALisBETTER