Austin’s Eco-Friendly Boutiques and Spas

June 9, 2014

Texas is known for rodeos, barbeques, and cowboy boots. However, this quaint Texan metropolis  is proving that the Lone Star State is becoming a hub for eco-friendly boutiques and spas. Below are a few of Austin’s eco-friendly boutiques and spas. Austin's Eco-friendly boutiques and Spas

Parts + Labour:
Talena Rasmussen and Lizella Villapando founded Parts and Labour, which is a boutique that carries eco-friendly clothing, jewelry, accessories and skincare. According to Villapando, Parts + Labour carries eco-friendly companies, such as Mitscoots, Material Clothing, Feegal Farms, and Esperos. Mitscoots is a sock company that makes its products entirely in the United States. Mitscoots also employs individuals in need to package and ship the socks. When you buy a pair of Mitscoots socks, Mitscoots donates a pair to someone in need.

Esperos designs backpacks, totes and carry cases. Esperos stems from the word Esperar, which means, “to hope” in Spanish. With every purchase of an Esperos bag, a child in need is sent to school for a year.

Raven + Lily:
Kristen Dickerson and Sophia Lin founded Raven + Lily, which is a fair trade company that employs disparaged women in Cambodia, United States, India, Kenya and Ethiopia. Each country has a different collection. For example, The Ethiopia Collection repurposes bullet casings, once meant for harm, by melting the material into beautiful silver, brass and copper jewelry.

PALOMA Botanical Beauty Parlour:
PALOMA Botanical Beauty Parlour is a spa and salon that offers eco-friendly manicures and pedicures, hair treatments, acupuncture, lash extensions; and skincare. Hair tinting is also offered at the spa, along with hair removal using organic, vegetable-based wax. You can enjoy a relaxing, eco-friendly massage with all-natural and organic essential oils and lotions. According to PALOMA’s owner, Evette Richards, the spa and salon is decorated with recycled and upcycled furniture. Even the laundry detergent, according to Richards, is environmentally friendly because it’s low in sulfates and sulfites. PALOMA sells and uses all-natural and organic skincare lines, such as Éminence and Inventive Eco-Organic, which is an Austin company that also manufactures in Austin.

I know you’ll enjoy relaxing and shopping at Austin’s eco-friendly boutiques and spas. Giddyup!

-Carly Gerber

Photo Credit: Flickr/Robert Hensley

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