Eco Friendly Road Trip Tips

June 14, 2014Eco-Friendly Road Trip

Summer is all about sun, fun, and hitting the open road. Road trips are a summer activity that everyone looks forward to with friends, but is not super friendly to the environment. Whether you are cruising down route 66 or New York City, here are a few tips which will allow you to have an eco-friendly road trip and a rocking good time.

Keep your vehicle in tip top shape
Keeping a clean engine, changing your oil, and maintaining tire pressure will ensure good fuel mileage for your adventure.

Rent an eco-friendly car
If you have decided to rent a car, opt for a car that will provide you with more peace of mind and a cleaner conscious. Check out our list of eco-friendly cars for every driver here.

Stay at green hotels
Eco-friendly hotels are continuously popping up all over the US. Do your homework beforehand to see which hotels are LEED certified or engage in eco-friendly practices. If you are out in the country, opt for bed and breakfast locations with farms. You will enjoy a breakfast to remember!

Clean eating
Just because you see road kill on your journey, doesn’t mean you need to eat it…or fast food for that matter. Pack organic fruits and veggies in a cooler for your journey. It will keep your energy up for the drive and you won’t be throwing away cartons along the way. Also, be sure to visit local farmer’s markets to keep up your supplies and help support local farmers.

Bring your own bottle…water bottle that is. Instead of going through plastic bottle after plastic bottle, invest in a good water bottle that you can fill up in each state.

Park and Ride
When you arrive in a new city, instead of driving through it, give your wheels a rest and hop on a bike or use those legs! It is more fun to experience everything a city or town has to offer in the fresh air rather than behind the AC. Also, aren’t you getting cramps in your legs by now? I know I would need some exercise!

Respect the rules of the road
Driving like a madman down an open highway might seem like something out of a movie, but in reality, you are increasing your gas usage and increasing your carbon footprint. Respect the speed limit and keep your passengers safe.

We hope you fill your next road trip with memories instead of emissions using these eco friendly road trip tips!

-Monica Bologna

Photo Credit: Flickr/wwarby