Ten Daily Clutter Buster Tips to Ease Home Chaos

June 26, 2014

Eighty percent of people say they declutter weekly and that the home office and children’s bedrooms are the top two areas for accumulated clutter, according to a recent survey conducted by the green cleaning leader, Maid Brigade. With published research stating that clutter causes anxiety, confusion, and depression it’s no wonder that the survey participants say that an organized and clutter-free home is the number two factor Infographic---June-De-clutteringinfluencing their overall well-being.

So what do you do about it? Marie Stegner, Consumer Health Advocate for Maid Brigade shares her thoughts here about the chaos of clutter and 10 clutter buster tips on how to conquer it.

“In my home, when clutter gets out of hand, chaos isn’t far behind,” says Stegner. To alleviate stress, I tackle one room at a time and spend 15 minutes each day picking up. Just that small amount of clutter clearing makes a huge difference!”

The playroom, kitchen and family room were also at the top of the clutter list for Maid Brigade survey participants.

Here’s Stegner’s top 10 keep calm and conquer the daily clutter buster tips.

1. Practice the “in-out” rule. For every new item, discard an old one.
2. Spend 15 minutes per day picking up before it becomes overwhelming.
3. Label four boxes or bags: Keep, Donate, Trash, Hold. (If you haven’t touched the things in the hold box in one year, their time has come.)
4. Reward kids for cleaning up and sharing what they no longer use, to make it fun.
5. Use baskets and bowls to collect mail, pens, and loose change that accumulate on countertops. Empty weekly.
6. Handle mail and email once. Take any action needed as it arrives, then file or discard.
7. Add furniture that does double duty such as a coffee table that also serves as a storage chest to contain items in the room where they’re used.
8. Declutter drawers by emptying everything in front of you. Put only what you really use back and eliminate the rest.
9. Create a “magic triangle” in your kitchen between the stove, refrigerator, and sink and keep frequently used kitchen items there.
10. Avoid randomly buying storage containers to hold things you don’t use or need. It just adds to the clutter. And, those containers take up space.

You can also read more about the Maid Brigade survey and its results at http://www.maidbrigade.com/survey.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Maid Brigade is the only house cleaning service that is Green Clean Certified® with more than 400 franchise service areas in the United States and Canada. Established in 1979, Maid Brigade is the green cleaning industry leader and has a longstanding legacy of providing quality customer service and consistent and thorough cleaning using the most advanced techniques and equipment. The company has also implemented a consumer advocacy program in response to reports from the Environmental Protection Agency linking chemicals in traditional cleaning products to a wide range of health risks. For more information visit www.maidbrigade.com or call 866-800-7434.

Infographic courtesy of Maid Brigade.

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